If you have both of my books, you may have noticed that a dragonfly is featured somewhere in each book. There are a total of eight in “love-light” and there are three in “night sky.”

I have always been drawn to dragonflies and what they represent, but for me they especially symbolize love…

At the start of one of my morning walks not long after my brother, Brian, passed away several years ago, I was talking to him as is my practice with the universe. I don’t think that I got too far from my house before a dragonfly appeared out of nowhere. And then down each street more dragonflies appeared – in groups of 3, 5 and 8. By the time I got home, I had counted 30+ dragonflies, with the last two zooming to and fro in my backyard! Ok, message received. Hiya!

I have had many dragonfly encounters since that day and not just on my walks. I’ve seen them zip across my car’s windshield at a stop sign. I’ve seen them used on greeting cards, stationery, or as logos. I’ve seen them on jewelry and on decor. But the most creative way a dragonfly sighting came to me was while I was sitting on a restaurant patio eating lunch with my daughter. Lo and behold, a purple bicycle parked on the sidewalk next to us had white dragonfly decals all over its frame! Hello, Brother!

Definitely most unique sighting yet!

Friends and family know about my love of dragonflies and gift me with all variety of them. My collection includes greeting cards, a bright orange scarf, a door knocker, a lamp, two necklaces, a paperweight, a framed picture, a design on sea glass, and, with compliments of 2020 – a mask!

It’s become quite a thing for my family to catch sight of dragonflies in one form or another. It truly makes us smile because we connect them with the energy of love.

From my third book about love and loss, “forevermore,” which I hope to publish next year…

This love is what holds us together.
It binds us with all of its might.
It shines no matter where we are,
Even if we’re out of someone’s sight.

Published by Lisa White

I am a former elementary school teacher, self-avowed word nerd, student of esoteric philosophy, energy medicine practitioner, questioner, wonderer, and lover of early-morning walks.

2 thoughts on “Dragonflies…

  1. Dear Lisa, I got the chills when I read about your dragonfly’s, I also had a experience with dragonfly’s. My brother died tow years ago, my plane was delayed getting into New Jersey and he died a few hours before I arrived. So I did not get a chance to say goodbye. That night I had a very vivid dream of him walking up to a curb where my sister was standing and saying my baby brother and she was hugging him and touching his face, they both looked very young and there was an older couple standing in the back ground looking over joyed. I took this to mean it was my brother in heaven with Joan, and my mom and Dad. The next day at at the funeral, there were four huge dragonfly’s flying around our car and diving back and forth around the front window and they followed our car most of the way to the grave yard. I think this was telling me that they were safe and all together.
    Christine Clymer


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