I didn’t know what the meaning of abracadabra was until several months ago. I grew up, of course, witnessing that it was what magicians would say as they enticed something to materialize out of thin air, but I had just always assumed that it had originated as part of their lingo.

What I discovered is that the word abracadabra comes from ancient Hebrew and means something to the effect of “I will create as I speak,” which makes total sense for said magicians. (I’m also absolutely sure that there is a deeper, more esoteric significance related to the word, but I’ll keep going with what I have for now.)

If you’ve read my post So, here’s the story…, then you know that the idea for my books literally came to me “out of thin air.” And so many times when I am in the flow of writing, words appear to me in exactly the same way. I believe this kind of magic happens, in part, due to my intention to create as I write.

When I started my book series, I came up with Idea Words that I could turn to for inspiration. I have added to the list off and on ever since and must have over 200 words/phrases by now. Here are some examples:

universe, breath, spirit, radiate, vibration, intuition,
illumination, sparkle, wonder, delight, creativity, compassion,

wisdom, revelation, joy, faith, love, trust, connection…

This list has been a lifesaver, which I can also say about Thesaurus.com (which I’ve used at least a half dozen times for this post!) and Rhymer.com. I kid you not! These are each worth their weight in gold as they have helped me place the write words at the write time onto the write pages.

The ultimate goal for my series is that it encourages readers to discover and grow the energy of love that lives inside of them. This energy is our divine spark, and its light, like a wand, can be used to create something magical with our every thought, word and deed.

Love + Intention + Creation = Abracadabra!

Published by Lisa White

I am a former elementary school teacher, self-avowed word nerd, student of esoteric philosophy, energy medicine practitioner, questioner, wonderer, and lover of early-morning walks.

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