Pun intended…

Sometimes I have to remind myself how much I’ve grown in my relationship with technology. Though I still consider myself very low-tech, I did create this blog site all by myself, and I have the scars to prove it!

As far as social media goes, I’ve managed a less than active Facebook page for a number of years. As a fairly private person, posting about myself always ran counter to my fondness for anonymity, hence my sluggish attempts. Anyway, the desire to gin up awareness about my book series inspired me to be a bit more chatty, so a FB Author Page was born.

My son was my guide into this new realm of communication and was very polite about working with an absolute novice! He was more patient than I had thought a whiz-at-everything-tech could be, and for that I was very grateful, as it was completely unnerving to boldly go where no me had gone before.

On a walk one morning about a week or so after I began posting, I had been thinking about what I had been learning, and how comically out of touch I was. The letters AWSM flashed in, but awesome I was not! From that, however, I created LAWSM (Lisa’s Adventures with Social Media) and began sharing my “findings” with the world of Facebook posthaste – pun intended!

A Litany of LAWSMs:

From October 24, 2019
Riddle me this… Why is it that you can pin a post on a page that you administer, but you can’t pin one on your own profile page? Don’t you obviously administer your profile page? Just sayin’…

From October 6, 2019
I can’t stand it on Messenger when you hit “return” to get to the next line and it sends what you’ve written instead! It adds insult to injury because I already do not feel very smart about technology, and this pretty much confirms it!

From September 26, 2019
When in doubt, blame it on a glitch! Sometimes I’ve done something absolutely right but there’s a problem with how FB is responding, which makes it seem like I’ve done something absolutely wrong. Or there’s some different kind of way you have to find/do things on your phone versus your desktop. You there with me? Redemption is mine – but only occasionally!

From September 16, 2019
Ok, so I’ve been backsliding a bit… I’m still “pushing in my chair” at times (refer to LAWSM #1). But it’s like wiping your feet on the welcome mat or straightening the pillows after you get up off of the sofa. It seems wrong not to do it!

Note: LAWSM #1 is not to be found but the gist of it was about my son telling me that I didn’t have to log out of a page/site/whatever when I was finished with it. I told him for me that was like not pushing in my chair when I left the table! Unthinkable.

I’ve come such a long way!

Published by Lisa White

I am a former elementary school teacher, self-avowed word nerd, student of esoteric philosophy, energy medicine practitioner, questioner, wonderer, and lover of early-morning walks.

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