My write words…

My many paper lists of Idea Words have become quite messy over time with doodles, duplicates crossed out, notes in the margins, etc. I thought that I would pretty them up for this blog and list them here. I keep these words and phrases around for inspiration, because I never know what is going to spark another story – or post.

Note: There is neither rhyme nor reason for the order of the words nor for the words that are in bold font.

Here you go!

*universe *breath *spirit *love *radiate *twinkle *flash *spark *creativity *evolve *spiral *conscious *vibration * Milky Way *heart *mind *energy *possibility *healing *stream *presence *awakening *soul *open *allow *transformation *compassion *cycle *imagine *embody * ablaze *inside out *awareness *intuition *insight *inspiration *hunch *feeling *knowing *sense *perceive *idea *breathe *creator *thought *instinct *divine *reveal *enthusiasm *motivation *vision *illumination *impulse *notion *whim *understanding *wisdom *consciousness *revelation *sensation *knack *talent *urge *inkling *realization *impression *contemplation *introspection *recognition *reflection *passion *mindful *enlightenment *knowledge *learning *aha *imagination *inventive *distinguish *conceive *connection *eternal *enliven *heart *wonder *space *flow *delight *devote *precious *rare *unfold *tender *amazing *embrace *enjoy *caress *hug *nature *natural *light *color *sound *endure *engage *entice *fascinate *beckon *beguile *vitality *freedom *truth *magic *worlds *joy *dream *pure *cosmic *trust *faith *hope *life *unity *bridge *essence *acceptance *splendor *harmony *moment *galaxy *stars *heavens *love-light *shimmer *sparkle *forevermore *core *affection *nurture *messages *memories *everlasting *sky *illuminate *infuse *flame *rays *discernment *intelligence *animate *highest good *golden light *beacon *gifts
*feel into *love into *signs *synchronicity *signals *piece of a puzzle *co-create
*quantum *guidance *potential *perception *make a difference *peace *special
*patterns *transmute *path *concept *beauty *mystery *balance *clarity *remember *intention *magnetic *action *attentive *invisible *shift *dimension *existence *belief *benevolence *design *communication *unique *support *kindness *mystical *patience *question *attention *reality *plan *listen *choice *higher self *personality *process *journey *relationship *personal *collective *intellect *magnificence *opportunity *invitation *organization *attraction *purpose *emotions *meditation *courage

This list was exhausting to type out, but it is certainly not yet exhausted. I add to it all of the time, so it grows in its awareness as I do!

Published by Lisa White

I am a former elementary school teacher, self-avowed word nerd, student of esoteric philosophy, energy medicine practitioner, questioner, wonderer, and lover of early-morning walks.

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