The magic of the universe…

I think that I wrote this poem in just one day. It was fueled by how crazy the process was to get my first book out into the world, but it was also a reminder of why my book series even came to be. I’ve calmed down quite a bit since having experienced it all again with my second book (out last November) and my third book, which will be out very soon.

The Process

You are divinely struck with an idea that you must with others share,
So you put pen to paper and fashion with such great care
A story, a poem – something beautiful to behold.
And you have to get the words just right so this inspiration can be told.

You’ve done it! You’ve done it! Many congrats to you!
Now you’ve got to publish it, and you thought you were through…
Through with the hardest part, the baring of your soul.
Nope! The writing, though important, is but one piece of a greater whole.

How do you bring this message to the world? How do you even begin to know?
Do you buy a self-publishing package in order to give it a go?
Yes! But how much will it cost? How will it turn out to be?
Such an education did you not at all foresee.

And it was very clear, indeed, that you absolutely must engage
With potential readers inviting them to like your Author Page.
Never mind your inexperience with posting; it’s never been your “thing” before.
But now you’re attracting followers, so you’ve got to keep up with it – and more!

Your book has finally been released! What a happy, happy day!
You never thought you’d get here with these dues you’ve had to pay.
Once again, however, you believe that the most difficult part has passed.
But, no, it has not. The realm of marketing you still have to grasp.

You send out tons of books, query an agent, and even walk around
Distributing the flyers you’ve created to places all over town.
You ask to do readings, enter contests, and request reviews
In hoping that any one of the above will bring some favorable news.

What about Instagram and Pinterest or that alien Twitterverse?
You’re told that you must befriend social media – for better or for worse.
How many hashtags should you use? How many tweets a day are best?
Will the research ever stop? Will you ever get any rest?

And then there’s the very long wait for book sale numbers to arrive,
And when they finally do, it’s all just a big surprise!
Month to month you’re wondering what the future is going to hold.
Is your success to be measured in the number of books that will be sold?

When the process makes you crazy and your thoughts go astray,
Remember back to the beginning and what led you on your way.
That initial flash, that revelation that chatted you up from the start –
That was the magic of the universe speaking directly to your heart!

Published by Lisa White

I am a former elementary school teacher, self-avowed word nerd, student of esoteric philosophy, energy medicine practitioner, questioner, wonderer, and lover of early-morning walks.

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