Some kind of plan…

If you’ve read one of my earliest posts “So, here’s the story…” then you know that my book series came to be by divine design. I asked the universe how I could serve, and I received a very specific answer in return! Since that time, just over two years ago, I’ve been fulfilling those instructions by writing and publishing the first two books, with the third making its debut in March. As you might detect, I’m very serious when it comes to cosmic mandates.

Now, since my mission was so precise, I kind of assumed that my books were possibly meant to be out in the world in a big way. Why else would the message have come through like it did? Who isn’t going to love the idea of a charmingly illustrated book series about the energy of love? Plus it rhymes!

Concerning my first book, I did receive feedback in the form of three very nice reviews from Sherry Hoyte Books, Emerald Books and Midwest Book Review, which you can find on this blog under “Books & More” (listed along with attention from a few other sources). My local librarian, Melinda Kopp, was also a huge support in recommending the purchase of copies for branches in our system. And Energy Magazine Editor-in Chief, Lyndsay Mulligan, really went out of her way to feature “love-light” as a new book in the magazine’s ad section. All efforts were so greatly appreciated and definite bright spots in my nine-month campaign of getting the word out.

Believe me, I put a lot of energy into marketing that first book. Besides all of my attempts locally and the above mentioned connections, I contacted tons of reviewers, agents, bookstores and online magazines/newspapers. I entered book contests, paid for advertising, listened to hours and hours of webinars, and emailed a variety of “metaphysical” organizations.

I had been hoping for any kind of response, but there was mostly radio silence. One literary agent, however, gave me the kindest let down that I could possibly ever receive, and I appreciated it! (More so that she emailed me back than the actual lack of interest!) Undaunted, however, I kept at it knowing that the universe had some kind of plan.

Two books later, I really have no clue as to the reach this series will have. I just know that I was supposed to write these books. My family, friends and energy medicine community all continue to celebrate them and their messages, which is very gratifying. I do still have the hope that part of the plan is that each book will also find its way into other communities, so that the energy of love can grow and flow into even more hearts.

It’s the truth of who we are
On the inside and the out.
We are made of this everlasting love,
And love is what life is all about.

From Did You Know?: forevermore, a book about love and loss, coming out in March.

Published by Lisa White

I am a former elementary school teacher, self-avowed word nerd, student of esoteric philosophy, energy medicine practitioner, questioner, wonderer, and lover of early-morning walks.

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