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I wanted to offer a little peek into some of the ways that my friends/family are sharing the energies of love with the world.

F. Mikel Carmon, M.A., EALI, EEM-CP
I met Mikel through Eden Energy Medicine classes. One way that she spreads the love is through the gift of nature at the Spirit Riders Lodge & Retreat just outside of Buffalo, Wyoming. Mikel’s guests experience expansive views, mountain sunsets, big open sky, and more. Read about it at: http://www.spiritriderslodge.com.

Mikel is also going to be building cob houses on treed acreage in Northern Arizona. She characterizes these uniquely-styled homes as being sustainable, cozy, warm, hand crafted, off the grid. You can find info on cob housing on YouTube or call Mikel at: (307) 277-1235.


Stephanie Rosas
I know Stephanie because she is my son’s girlfriend (and is also the gifted illustrator of my Did You Know? children’s book series). She is self-taught and spreads the love through her sweet style of artwork. Find her on Instagram: https://instagram.com/chokoretochip.

Stephanie recently entered an art contest in Latin America. Through her illustrations she tells a story about the secret life of a group of cats in a neighborhood that make believe they are pirates! She wanted to create a story about the power of imagination and show that everyone – even pets – can have fun adventures!


Christine Grauer, MSc.
Certified Spiritual Life Coach
The Energy Codes® Certified Facilitator
Author of Project: Life

Christine and I met at Dr. Sue Morter’s Energy Codes® book launch a couple of years ago. She shares the love by helping parents and their troubled teenagers develop more connected, meaningful and respectful relationships. To find info about her and her free mini-course, Build Better Boundaries, go to: https://www.christinegrauer.com.

Christine is also the author of Project: Life – Stop Waiting for Your Happy to Happen, a chronicled journey of loss, abuse, suffering and illness that she transcended to become the powerful, compassionate individual she is today. Her LIFE Method™ offers tools to consciously create a more joyous life. Look for her on social media: http://www.facebook.com/christineg.ca


Leslie Morris
Leslie describes herself as a lifelong spiritual junkie, aspiring mystic and muse. Six years ago she ventured out into the realm of social media creating her Muses From A Mystic FB page, which now has over 200,000 followers. Leslie spreads the love by creating posts that inspire, uplift and nourish the mind, heart and soul. She is also my sister!

Find her posts here:


Millie America Parmer
I met Millie through my sister, Leslie. Millie spreads the love in oh, so many wonderful ways as a Reiki Master, an intuitive counselor, a certified Fairyologist (who isn’t?!!) and a story tender. She is also a tutu-wearing love cheerleader, who expresses the love that she is from top to bottom, side to side, inside and out!

Look for her here along with her nearly 100,000 followers:


Janae Luick Place,
Janae is my metaphysical teacher and friend. She teaches esoteric philosophy classes called “Co-Creative Healing.” She spreads the love by challenging her students to respond to the many ways that Spirit may try to reveal itself.

Janae has written two books about her experiences with past lives and karma.
You can find them here:


Nancy Lee Melmon
Nancy Lee and I were roommates throughout all of our Eden Energy Medicine trainings, having first met, as roommates, at an introductory five-day EEM course in 2010! She spreads the love through her poet’s heart, which developed as a very young child who could hear the singing of the stars. (I love that!)

Nancy Lee is one of six Poet Sisters who contributed to the beautiful book DREAMS AND BLESSINGS. Her words are magical. Find it here: https://www.amazon.com/Dreams-Blessings-Visionary-Jennifer-Hawthorne/dp/1421836564/

Nancy and I meeting up in San Francisco (2018)
when she came out for a poetry workshop!


Becky Wilbur and Janette Stuart
Becky and I became friends about eight years ago because of our daughters who were friends, and I met Janette maybe half that long ago through Becky! These two are quite the busy bees with spreading the energy of love (together and separately) through their blogs, workshops, affirmation cards, healing summits, e-courses, e-books and podcasts! Yowza!

Guidance cards:

Ignite Your Joy E-Course begins April 4th:

Healing Summit May 1-7:


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