I walk…

I watched the remarkable movie Noble several years ago. It is a very touching story based on the life of Christina Noble, an Irish woman whose prophetic dream and trust in the Divine led her to build orphanages in Vietnam.

I talk to the Universe out loud – and so does Christina (which is as far as the comparison goes)! The movie depicts her ongoing conversations with God that started at a young age. In one pivotal scene in Ho Chi Minh City, she starts walking through the streets turning this way and that asking God to show her where she’s supposed to go. She has no clue where she will end up, but she absolutely trusts that she will be guided to the right place. And she is!

I borrowed from the essence of that scene creating this saying for myself, “I walk. You lead.” To me it reflects the commitment that I have to my unfolding relationship with the Universe. Like Christina, I have to sincerely believe that I will arrive at my destination whether I understand the logistics or not. And I have learned that any resistance I bump into along the way is usually from me forgetting that!

I have had knowings since I was a child, and there have been some very concrete experiences in my life regarding communication from the Universe. One time in my early 20s when I was stopped in my car at a red light, I just knew not to take off like I usually would when the light turned green. Within a couple of seconds a car ran the other light. If I had not listened, that person would have t-boned my driver’s door.

Another example has to do with the fact that my husband and I got engaged two weeks after we met. I just knew, and obviously he did too! We were married four months later and will be celebrating 31 years together in December. The stars may have aligned for us to find each other, but since then the responsibility for the marriage has been on us.

My books are another aspect of my walking the walk while the Universe talks the talk! Here, again, I was told about the book series I was to write. I still may not know the ultimate purpose and plan for this task, but three books have been published so far. (See my featured post, “So, here’s the story…” if you haven’t yet read how this came to be. https://finding-the-write-words.com/blog/)

Even though scenarios like the ones above are very direct, there are plenty of times when I cannot figure out what the heck is going on. It bugs me when the meanings of repeated dreams continue to elude me, and I can get snarky when my pleas for help go unanswered, and I can become frustrated when the path veers to the right and I think it’s supposed to veer left.

Nor can I explain why the palms of my hands (and, occasionally, the bottoms of my feet) heat up and turn bright red at a moment’s notice – and when seemingly nothing much is going on. Some people have attributed it to Reiki, but who knows? If you are a personal friend and have been around when it’s happened, it’s quite a sight to see. I know that it’s a message of some sort, and I wish I were better at decoding it.

I think that in the bigger picture with all of this, trust is being learned. And since I’m in this partnership with the Universe for the long haul, I have to remember that getting out of my own way is what will lead me to the next layer of discovery. I am doing the walking, yes, but I’m not holding the map!

Published by Lisa White

I am a former elementary school teacher, self-avowed word nerd, student of esoteric philosophy, energy medicine practitioner, questioner, wonderer, and lover of early-morning walks.

3 thoughts on “I walk…

  1. Lisa. Tricia from Australia. My son wife and family are in ho chi min city for the present. My daughter in law is currently acting CEO of the Christina Noble Foundation while Helenita caught in UK when she went to resettle her mum in the UK nearer family. I read Christina’s book just before they went to vietnam nearly 3 years ago now. Then suddenly my son and his wife made the connection there Christina has given new life to so many and touched the hearts and minds of many many more. You lead, I follow and we are and every thing is connected. Your message was to be a very important messenger of this message with your beautiful books. Thank you for all the ways like Christina too that you bless so many ❤️


    1. Oh, Tricia! This is so perfect… Look at the ways that we connect to each other half a world apart. Yesterday I was “getting in my own way” and feeling a little sad about something, and then you gift me with this response reminding me of the bigger plans that are at play in the Universe! Thank you!


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