A triple review…

photo by Anna Templeton

I have been on the hunt for book reviews lately and am so grateful to have connected with Anna Templeton. Anna is an Instagram influencer/blogger, who graciously responded to my review request. After a couple of emails back and forth, she was very excited about my books, and here we are one month later with her triple review.

Anna just posted this on Thursday, and gave me permission to share it here:

The Did You Know? series is an absolute treasure; it is all about the energy of love. How it lives within us, outside of us, and eternally. There are currently three books in this series, but Lisa is working on expanding it and adding more!

The first in the series, Love-Light is about the light within our soul. Each being has their own special light. This book encourages you to connect with it, protect it, share it, and nurture it. It talks about letting go of self-defeating thoughts and shares a breathing exercise to help ground oneself. Lisa has conveyed our interconnectedness in such a lovely way. I love the last sentence in the book, “Love is what you’re made of, and love is what life is all about.”

The second title, Night Sky is all about the love and cosmic intelligence surrounding us. The universe is all interconnected by an invisible thread and we are truly made of stardust. This book portrays this in such a beautiful way. It shares how our light is meant to focus on our life journey and approach it from a place of love. My favorite line in this book is, “That special spark that we have within radiates with cosmic creativity. It’s infused with the wisdom of the universe, and from it comes YOU and comes ME!” Such a graceful way to express such a complex experience, life.

The third title, Forevermore is about how the love and energy within us is infinite even though we are finite. It expresses how our light returns to the source of all energy, but you can hold onto that love forever. If you’re open to its magic, you may catch a glimpse or whisper of the love you once knew. My favorite line is the ending line in this book, “It’s the truth of who we are on the inside and the out. We are made of this everlasting love, and LOVE is what life is all about!” Lisa has found a way to approach a heavy topic in a very elegant way.

There are several mindfulness and breathing exercises to utilize at the end of every book.

Creating and marketing books, mostly on my own, has been a huge feat. It’s quite a daunting process, so the support and encouragement that I find along the way means a great deal to me. Thank you, Anna, for spreading the light!

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