Muffins and donuts and scones, oh my…

I think the reason it can be so difficult to let something go (like a habit or an idea) is simply because we resist the feeling of loss associated with it. To keep ourselves in better balance, we need to loosen our grip on whatever it is that we’ve knowingly “outgrown” in order to allow a new possibility to come in and fill its space.

Change is hard for me, however. I like having my bearings, my feet on the ground. Even though I am getting better at going with the flow, it still unsettles me when something that I know becomes something that I don’t. For example, it was terribly annoying when my two local Target stores renovated several years ago and moved everything around on me! I got over it, eventually!

I’m certainly not a young pup anymore, but, thankfully, I can still learn some new tricks. For someone who is so very low-tech, I definitely had to up my game to self-publish my books and set up this blog. The learning curve was maddening for both, but I persevered and am grateful for it. In pushing through my uneasiness (letting go), I allowed some exciting and wonderful things to emerge.

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I am actually starting a “letting go” list, and believe it or not, pastries have found themselves at the top – and I’m totally bummed. You see, my stomach is pretty sensitive, and it lets me know very quickly if it likes what I’m feeding it or not, and it doesn’t do well with pastries anymore, even if I’d prefer otherwise.

I already know that I do much better with protein and fat for breakfast. I feel great after eating toast that’s been smothered with coconut oil and topped with roast beef and cheese. I had been doing really well with that and similar options in the mornings, but then I fell off the wagon.

What I have just figured out about this is that I keep putting off the inevitable because of what pastries represent to me. Going out for coffee (decaf, of course) and a scone is such a normal, comfortable, everyday thing that I have not wanted to give up. Changing my reality about that is how I solve the problem, and I do that by getting my mind on board with my body.

When I think about this being a mind-body connection, it’s such a “duh” concept, right? But unsticking what’s been stuck is no walk in the park. In our culture, the mind is heady (pardon the pun) with power. Learning to trust the body and its natural relationship with the mind is how we move ourselves forward. No loss, only gain. Roast beef, here I come!

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I am a former elementary school teacher, self-avowed word nerd, student of esoteric philosophy, energy medicine practitioner, questioner, wonderer, and lover of early-morning walks.

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