Meet Janae…

I am adding something new to my blog; it’s a never-before-seen approach to interpreting astrological information. I am also adding someone new to my blog; she’s my friend and former esoterics teacher Janae Luick Place. Janae is the diviner of this unique methodology and is the real brains, intuitively and otherwise, behind this endeavor. You may consider me her trusty sidekick!

On the first Sunday of the month, Janae and I will be breaking down our organization of this new awareness right here on my blog. Our focus will be on the Energies of Love, which are higher level potentials of certain planetary forces already movin’ and groovin’ within your chart. This knowledge will greatly expand upon what you think you understand about yourself, whether you are presently a student of (esoteric) astrology or not!

So, before we start our sharing, I thought it would be nice for you to get to know a little more about Janae. Without further ado, I’m the Q and she’s the A…

Q1: How did you become interested in astrology?

A: My mother and I were birthday opposites and I knew it had astrological significance. I began to study astrology in high school but it didn’t make sense…and it didn’t address our crazy relationship. I sensed astrology was a “calling” and kept pursuing it, but when I was 27 I was told it would come ‘Later’ which ended up meaning I had a lot to learn before I could understand astrology from a meaningful perspective.

Q2: How did this new way of interpreting astrology charts come to you?

A: Literally fifty years ‘Later,’ as I was sitting at the computer to design an upcoming class, this new system simply fell onto the page. I mean this exactly. I understood it completely as I typed, yet it has taken another few years of sharing it with individuals and groups to explore and validate it as a new dimensional approach to aligning our energy with Earth.

Q3: What is your background in metaphysics/esoteric philosophy?

A: I have taught others only what I have personally experienced and I began to teach to the extent of my experiences in 1977. I have gained dimensional awareness as I go along…

I worked to incorporate metaphysics into my life as Science of Mind for nine years before I discovered Esoteric Philosophy, which was my introduction to Universal Law. As I understood my past through Universal Law of Reincarnation I learned to read past lives for other people. Through the Universal Law of Correspondences I became proficient in tarot, numerology, and rhythms of color and sound. The Universal Laws of Healing taught me to navigate the mind-emotion-body energy network. There is no end to any of these studies, so teaching continues.

Q4: What does the Energy of Love have to do with astrology?

A: I’ve learned that everything in our Solar System is designed to teach us Love. Astrology developed as a way to show us our personal Plan for this lifetime. When we view astrology as part of the Universal Laws that govern our System we get a better idea of how to fulfill our purpose. If we are aware, we always sense our Path. Our Path is always toward Love, and if we can be more exact in how to focus ourself, we arrive where we need to be with less drama, trauma and resistance.

Q5: When did we meet and how the heck did we get this far together?

A: Lisa first came into my Co-Creative Healing class in September of 2007. She was the person in the back row, deep in shadow, speaking when spoken to and evaluating everything. A couple years in she began calling me almost daily with insistent questions, forcing me to up my game. It became fun and something to look forward to. Years later, when I asked the Universe for help with sorting the uptick of information coming to me, Lisa stepped in, stepped up and we grew into friends and allies. Neither of us expected to converge at this spot, but now that it’s here, it seems inevitable.


*Janae and I will be back on November 7th. Until then, I’ll be here each Sunday doin’ my regular thing!

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I am a former elementary school teacher, self-avowed word nerd, student of esoteric philosophy, energy medicine practitioner, questioner, wonderer, and lover of early-morning walks.

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