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My article for Energy Magazine comes out in tomorrow’s Nov/Dec digital edition! I’m excited to be one of the contributors to this wonderful issue dedicated to families, and I’m very grateful for the continued support of Editor-in-Chief Anya Charles and her staff. If you already subscribe, you’ll find my piece in the “bonus content” section, but you can read it here a day early as I’m sharing it as this week’s post!

But first, you will also be able to find me in the magazine’s “Speak your Mind” column, which is taking its final bow with this issue. How fun that I get to help usher it out of service. (The photo below is from the physical copy I received the other day! See my blog link at the bottom? Isn’t that cool?!)

Here’s the Q:
What advice can you give parents who want to use energy healing on their children? How can energy healing help family dynamics?


My Article

I am a former elementary school teacher, a wife, a mother, and a student of esoteric philosophy. I have also worked as a Reiki practitioner and an Eden Energy Medicine Clinical Practitioner. Most recently, I have become an author who has published three books in a series for children and their families about the energy of love, weaving my ever-evolving self into each page.

I believe that our purpose in this life is to understand and celebrate the love that we truly are. As an adult, I have been consciously heading in this direction of personal discovery for decades. What a wonderful head start it would have been, however, if I had been introduced to the concept of energy as a child.

Children are usually very receptive to “invisible realms” because of how frequently they use their imaginations, play make-believe, and daydream. Because of this, bringing energy techniques into the family isn’t such a big stretch for them. I believe that they will have an easier time running with these concepts than their parents, which is why making this a family endeavor is so important as the little ones will help the big ones stay open.

Donna Eden has simply and profoundly stated, “Energy is all there is!” Our thoughts, our feelings, our bodies, our souls – all aspects of energy, each impacting the other. We are so fortunate now that we have such a variety of ways to learn about energy. In the U.S., meditation, mindfulness, yoga, and acupuncture have all become mainstream – and healing techniques are being invited more and more into hospitals across the nation and in other western countries.

This shift in consciousness is giving us the opportunity to see ourselves in an entirely new light; we are much more than just physical beings, we are energetic beings in physical bodies. And, in my opinion, the energy that we are is the love that we are, and how we learn to express that is the name of the game!

To this point, I would like for us to start considering energy as something that we are versus relating it to something that we do. The practices mentioned above are great steps towards getting us there, because when we are in those moments, we are focusing much more directly on ourselves as energy, which is the goal of my books!

My series is sweetly illustrated and written in rhyme scheme. I wanted to make the idea of energy fun and for it (energy) to become a natural part of a family’s daily conversation. The two simple energy exercises that are added at the end of each book are meant to become tools in the family’s energy tool chest.

Here I talk about each book, which you can find out about via my author link below, and then I end the article with these thoughts

This is my premise: If everything is energy, and the ultimate energy is love – then what is not loving is an aspect of energy that is trying to find a way back to its essential self. When we forget what we are, we get out of alignment with ourselves, each other, and the universe – which causes a lot of drama in our lives. Eternal love lives within us and surrounds us, and it is my greatest hope that families read my books, sharing and flowing their love out into the world.


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I am a former elementary school teacher, self-avowed word nerd, student of esoteric philosophy, energy medicine practitioner, questioner, wonderer, and lover of early-morning walks.

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