Too funny! I was all set to start writing about a completely different post topic, but I had the thought that I should first pull an “offering” card from an oracle deck recently given to me by my friend Becky. Every so often I randomly select a card, stand it up against my computer, and allow its energy to soak into my awareness, never knowing where the Universe is going to lead me.

Well, perfectionism is what I picked this time, and since I wasn’t really feeling it, almost as if it weren’t a topic of concern, I nearly chose another card. I decided to keep it, however, and after having set it in its place of honor, I reached for my phone that had just alerted me to a text. As I flipped my phone over, I noticed for the thousandth time that the skin on my arm wrinkles as I turn it. Immediately I slid the hiked up sleeve of my sweatshirt all of the way down to my wrist. (The other arm wrinkles, too, just so you know!)

The Wild Offering Oracle Card Deck by Tosha Silver –

It took all of one second for the humbling truth of that action to dawn on me – and for the significance of the card to take root. Yes, I realize that wrinkles are not “mistakes,” but you get the gist of it. The Universe offers all kinds of opportunities for gaining humility, and it is excellent medicine to be able to laugh at yourself after seeing the error of your ways. (Shakespeare had it right with “There is nothing either good or bad, but thinking makes it so.”)

Ok, what now? It’s not like I’m so cured of this that I’m going to flaunt my arm wrinkles willy nilly, but I think I’ll let myself get more used to them, maybe not even covering them up with my sleeves. And perhaps I’ll start to openly recognize some of the other whatnots I’m semi-consciously avoiding! That would be quite an impressive feat, I dare say.

Once you know something, it is very difficult to unknow it, so I’m kind of stuck with this challenge of accepting myself, warts and all. As I work to loosen the ego’s grip, I shed what is meaningless and, thus, what is hindering me on my spiritual path. The answer lies in letting go; detachment is a sense of freedom that grows the Soul.

I wonder what card the Universe will choose for me next?

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I am a former elementary school teacher, self-avowed word nerd, student of esoteric philosophy, energy medicine practitioner, questioner, wonderer, and lover of early-morning walks.

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