More Astrology Q & A…

This month Janae and I introduce Good, Beauty and True, the three universal energies that organize our new look at astrology. Open to the information. What do you think? How does it feel? Again, I am the Q and she is the A!

Q1: What makes up the recipe for Universal Love?

A: We use the word transcendental to describe the eternal presence of three basic energies, which Ancient philosophers named Good, Beauty and True. These energies were brought into societies through many religious trinity doctrines, and came to me as The Three Values of Love. The message to me was/is that the action of the Earth is Good, that we of humanity are the Beauty of Earth as designed and written in the Heavens, and that what’s True in Earth sustains. And so, the trinity Above is both reflected and rooted in the trinity Below.

Good, as an energy, is imbedded in our physical DNA; you might say it’s our default setting. The energy of Beauty is our emotional nature and, as self-judgement, reflects our self-worth. What’s eternally True is Love, and our successive values of what’s True create our spiral Path to understanding true Love.

Q2: Ok, so how do we muck this all up?

A: Every energy on Earth has its roots planted in goodness. That means we are all good, but the friction caused by our disbelief of that creates a sense of failure, and depression.

Every soul in the Universe is beautiful, but our refusal to believe it about ourself, and our inability to appreciate the beauty that is outside ourself, creates predisposition to disease, and reduces our quality of life.

We all have evolved a true expression of the Divine, but when we cannot live up to the highest and best we can perceive, we develop rheumatic pain, which is a point of grief over what we believe is unattainable.

Q3: What helps us overcome our “buts,” so to speak?

A: When we trust in good we make healing decisions in things that surround us, which leads to a synthesis of dimensions Above and Below. When we believe in our beauty we build a healthy relationship with our Self, which leads to a synthesis of energy between ourself and others. When we have faith in what’s true our ideas become philosophies that lead to synthesis of our good and worthy intentions.

Q4: What planetary energies are involved?

A: The philosophers, who were also astrologers close to Spirit, related Mars to the action of Good, Venus to Earth’s Beauty, which is humanity, specifically you and I, and Mercury to the mind of True.

Stay tuned…

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I am a former elementary school teacher, self-avowed word nerd, student of esoteric philosophy, energy medicine practitioner, questioner, wonderer, and lover of early-morning walks.

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