Sun, moon, and earth…

This month we continue to share our new approach to understanding Universal energies as they relate to the story told in an astrological chart. Janae is calling this method “Transcendental Astrology,” as it offers a deeper insight into how our Identity is shaped by certain cosmic forces.

More from Janae:

In the same way we examine Mars, Venus, and Mercury as the Good, Beauty, and True link with our self-designed plan for this lifetime, we can examine the Sun, Moon, and Earth as how we configure their energies to work out Below.

We all know the name of our Sun sign. It’s called that because it is our Sun’s zodiac placement in our natal chart. The glyph, or symbol, of the Sun is a circle. It represents the energy of our full Identity, which is how we perceive ourself. Our Identity adjusts as we grow through the resistances that refine and broaden our personality. Who we are is constantly changing, and who we think we are is being challenged to catch up.

The glyph of the Moon is a partial circle, or crescent. The crescent Moon is thought of as our split identity. There is the part of the circle that is our Sun identity and radiates for all to see, and the part that is the Moon identity, hidden under the surface. When we come out in the night to honor the Full Moon, we’re acknowledging, or asking, to be made aware of our own deeper levels of consciousness. Moon energy reveals our unconscious motivation which we are either willing to know or not. If your choice is ‘not,’ start wondering why you’re reading this.

The Sun and the Moon become our identity growth partners by slowly bringing our hidden energies to the surface of our life. At some point we become aware of why we acted against our Good and put dents in our Beauty. We recognize what’s True at a broader perspective. As we move closer to our soul’s energy, the Full Moon’s mysterious work of active revelation drops off, and the opposing zodiac relationship of Sun and Earth steps in to reveal our deeper partnership with our Sun’s opposite energy.

Finally, we’re ready for the challenge that will reveal the Wholeness of our Identity.

See you next month!

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I am a former elementary school teacher, self-avowed word nerd, student of esoteric philosophy, energy medicine practitioner, questioner, wonderer, and lover of early-morning walks.

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