Zodiac, part one…

This month Janae begins her three-part introduction of how love weaves its way through the zodiac:

Of the twelve signs of the zodiac, we are probably most familiar with our Sun Sign. In every astrology reference we’ll find a singular, personality meaning of our sun sign and I’m guessing most of us already know the basics. As a singular in zodiac terms, we are more self-focused than at any other time on our Journey to Love. It is a similar consciousness to how we all are in our mid-and-high school years when we are tying to identify ourself by acting out our likes and dislikes, which change on a regular basis. Developing personality is a time to figure out who we are, where we are in relationship to others, and to begin to design ourself into who we want to be when we grow up.

Most of us are learning or reviewing lessons that involve a singular stage of growth. There’s always a progression of consciousness in whichever zodiac energy we’re born into. In Transcendental Astrology, we are focused on the Good choices we make in our personality, opening to the Beauty of our Soul energy, as well as coming to understand what’s True about Love on Earth.

Here’a a quick look at where we begin and where we might end up:

Aries: Shows love through conflict. Aries has an instinctive need to guard its Good by defending its territory. As it moves in consciousness closer to Soul energy it becomes a crusader in society for what it believes to be right.

Taurus: Shows love by what it collects. Taurus sees its own Beauty reflected in the quality and quantity of things gathered around it. As its consciousness moves closer to Soul, Taurus begins to reflect upon the healing value of the things it acquires and strives to put them to best use.

Gemini: Works with ideas. Its twin sign status forces Gemini to move back and forth being True to many ideas at the same time. As it moves into Soul consciousness it becomes a weaver of relationships, a diplomat of policy, an emissary of Love and Light.

Cancer: When Cancer comes out of her shell she is guided instinctively by her Good mothering nature with little sense of Self and a great sense of Others. As her Soul becomes prominent in her life, she works in conscious Love for the benefit of all the kingdoms of Earth.

Leo: Leo’s motto is ‘it’s all about me.’ He understands his Beauty and shows it off to the world around him. Soul consciousness brings Leo into a better alignment with the groups of people around him where he finds his purpose by serving others.

We continue with the rest of the zodiac next month.

Published by Lisa White

I am a former elementary school teacher, self-avowed word nerd, student of esoteric philosophy, energy medicine practitioner, questioner, wonderer, and lover of early-morning walks.

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