Zodiac, part two…

This month we continue with Janae’s journey of love in the zodiac working our way from Virgo to Pisces.

Virgo: Hides what’s True about herself. She feels she is a failure when it comes to perfection so she demands perfection in others whom she sees as her reflections. She is hard on herself. Yet as she nears soul consciousness, she achieves clarity and objectivity, and establishes a creative purpose which results in a life devoted to service.

Libra: Is guided by Universal Law to see the mid way between Above and Below, Within and Without. Libra is goal oriented seeking ideal relationships and harmony in opposites. As he accepts soul consciousness Libra gains a True world view in service of Love.

Scorpio: Is a Trinity sign of Beauty, offering three levels of interpretation. We know the Scorpion of personality that is said to represent our lower nature, yet the heart of Scorpio is the Eagle of soul who can fly above the crowd as the Watcher, and then elevate itself into the Phoenix of Love that gains the greatest heights into Spirit.

Sagittarius: Is a Trinity sign of True. He begins his Journey as the impervious Centaur, impractical and undisciplined. When Sagittarius settles into soul consciousness he becomes the Archer where he envisions his purpose and designs himself to achieve it. He then creates himself as the Bow who can focus and launch the Arrow with its one-pointed desire to serve humanity.

Capricorn: Is a Trinity sign of Good. We know her as the Ram, or mountain goat, who skillfully climbs and descends the rocky peaks living without question in the life she was born into. In soul consciousness she becomes the Sea Goat (Mermaid or Mergoat) who is aware of her ability and responsibility to serve through power. She easily acquires whatever she needs to further her process. She then elevates herself into the one-pointed Unicorn who serves Earth and her children from the depths of her open heart.

Aquarius: In personality, she is known to be indiscriminate, impractical, easily led, and not plugged in. Through group relationships she learns to express herself creatively. As she matures Aquarius becomes aware of her Beauty, pulls her selves together, and as she nears soul consciousness, she becomes intuitively able to work both Above and Below to serve large groups of humanity.

Pisces: As a personality, Pisces is attracted to the emotional glamours of trendy lifestyles and out-of-the-world daydreams. Her life runs with the tides; when they are high her life is cohesive, when tides are low she withdraws from the current to recharge. When she begins work with her soul Opposite her intuition becomes True, and she learns to serve the world with patience, compassion, humility, and the deepest essence of Love.

Part three will be coming your way next month.

Published by Lisa White

I am a former elementary school teacher, self-avowed word nerd, student of esoteric philosophy, energy medicine practitioner, questioner, wonderer, and lover of early-morning walks.

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