Zodiac, part three…

This month Janae completes her tour through the constellations explaining that opposite energies play a big role in leading us to love.

If you’ve become aware of your energy you may have grown closer to your duality, which is a soul challenge most people don’t know about.

In soul astrology, our Sun sign works in tandem with our Earth sign which is located directly opposite our Sun. Our Sun sign and Earth sign connection is called our soul’s Pair of Opposites. Here’s the list of all six pairs:

Aries & Libra
Taurus & Scorpio
Gemini & Sagittarius
Cancer & Capricorn
Leo & Aquarius
Virgo & Pisces

If you’re curious about whether you are a singular or a duality, go with your intuition. Most people who are interested in Transcendental Astrology will be working on their duality, but our singular personality is part of our foundation energy and bringing it into a bit more clarity will always be important in our life.

Our life experiences in every zodiac sign establish memories that help us gain insight into our Wholeness as our Journey progresses. Those memories vibrate in our soul as the emotions of past lives. Our soul intention brings opportunity for us to work through our subtle emotional karma by dealing with our opposite energy. This teaches us to open our senses of trust, cooperation, and kindness. And patience. Working with opposites clearly improves our patience! Take a moment to discover how opposites work in your life:

ARIES – LIBRA: Work to secure an Inner Life Within our Outer Life.

TAURUS – SCORPIO: Wonder how To Have & To Not Have in equal measure.

GEMINI – SAGITTARUIS: Consider Options & Focus on Issues at the same time.

CANCER – CAPRICORN: Choose to wed Sensitivity with Structure.

LEO – AQUARIUS: Maintain Self-Interest & Group-Interest simultaneously.

VIRGO – PISCES: Evaluate opposites of Tough Love & Compassionate Love.

If you don’t connect with my words, choose words of your own to describe your progress through your singular sun sign into your pair of opposites. I’ve set a pattern to show you that every sun sign moves our consciousness from a point of self interest, to group participation, to world service. I feel that if we can figure out where we are and can be pointed to where we are going, we’ll have a smoother journey to what love in Earth actually means.

Until next month.

Published by Lisa White

I am a former elementary school teacher, self-avowed word nerd, student of esoteric philosophy, energy medicine practitioner, questioner, wonderer, and lover of early-morning walks.

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