The beach…

These are my feet that relaxed and had such a great time on that vacation. Just about daily they walked down to the beach on the other side of that hedge and played hide and seek with the waves. They splashed and frolicked and then made many trips down to the point.

I keep this photo on the counter in my bathroom. It is a reminder for me to take a breath and unwind. It is very helpful because I find that there are many times that I don’t even realize that I am a bit tense. It’s amazing how quickly I can transform my energy by taking myself back to those carefree days. I’m already yawning (releasing) just thinking about it!

We can alter our body’s chemistry in a positive way by choosing to focus on anything that brings us peace. Besides a visual reference like mine, we might smell a certain fragrance or taste a favorite recipe or love on our beloved pets or share stories that make us smile. Anything we deem to be good can do the trick.

And to extend that sense of calm that’s been created, you can take your middle finger and tap softly between your eyebrows for several seconds while breathing gently in through your nose and out through your mouth. This simple action signals your nervous system that “this” is a feeling you would like to spread throughout your body. It allows the beach to stay with me lots longer!

Published by Lisa White

I am a former elementary school teacher, self-avowed word nerd, student of esoteric philosophy, energy medicine practitioner, questioner, wonderer, and lover of early-morning walks.

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