The bottom line…

We have circled the calendar since our first astrology post last year in October. Through the months Janae has introduced the transcendental energies of Good, Beauty and True, sharing that love is the fundamental process of human expansion on Earth. This month she speaks of purpose and service.

At one time or another every one of us has wondered what our purpose may be for this lifetime. Some people have told me they even worry about it, in the sense of wanting to fulfill their responsibility. So what do I know about that?

During one of my energy work sessions with a very spiritually dedicated gentleman who asked this question, he was told, “You know everything. Now, let your heart direct your mind, and Serve Earth.” That sounds to me like a bottom line. Again, what do I know about that? I know there’s always a process.

The first (personality) part of our Path is directed by the Buddha’s teaching to Be Kind. That sounds like a purpose to me. I’ve never thought our purpose as the job we’ve chosen to do because no matter our commercial occupation, we can do it well and Be Kind. They are not mutually exclusive.

In the second (soul) part of our Path we are directed to Love One Another by the Christ consciousness. It feels to me that in the process, Love follows Kindness. I wonder: How can indifference or unkindness precede love? I don’t think it can. Alchemy cannot exist there. But it’s not uncommon to be hassled or beaten or killed in the name of love. Go figure.

Perhaps if we could experience love and kindness in childhood, they could be known as the action of Good and our Beauty (optimism, dignity, strength) could remain intact. But our Earth path is a learning process and our emotional challenges, from childhood onward, are what drive us until we can come to terms with our resistances and move beyond the trappings of personality.

Once we know the ‘everything’ we need to know (which I believe is at a different depth for each person), it seems probable that “let your heart direct your mind, and Serve Earth” is reasonably the next step in the process.

Kindness + Love = Service

How do we serve Earth? I think healing something is a good place to begin. I can’t think of anything on Earth that can’t be made better by Good, Kind, Loving action.

Published by Lisa White

I am a former elementary school teacher, self-avowed word nerd, student of esoteric philosophy, energy medicine practitioner, questioner, wonderer, and lover of early-morning walks.

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