A bounty…

If you’ve been reading my blog for a while now, then you already know about my love affair with cards from Trader Joe’s. I bought a few of what you see below as soon as I saw it because seasonal ones tend to go really quickly. I also love it when the inside of the card is decorated as is this one, which features cute little pumpkins on one side as well as some of what’s on the cover on the other. The greeting says “Hope it’s A-maize-ing.”

A Trader Joe’s greeting card by Stephanie Bauer.

Our holiday tradition began as a celebration of the harvest along with a gratefulness for its bountiful rewards. Every year at this time we are reminded to count our blessings, to be thankful for what we have. Whatever the list is in your life, I wish you a bounty of good – of health and happiness, of smiles and laughter, of memories made with loved ones.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Published by Lisa White

I am a former elementary school teacher, self-avowed word nerd, student of esoteric philosophy, energy medicine practitioner, questioner, wonderer, and lover of early-morning walks.

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