Happy birthday capricorn

Our next stop in the zodiac features the energy of Capricorn, which presents itself approximately from December 21st to January 21st. Follow along as Janae delves into this sign and its phases of growth according to Transcendental Astrology.

We know a Trinity sign as a unique, intermediary synthesis of Good, Beauty or True. In Transcendental Astrology, Capricorn’s focus is on the Trinity sign of Good. Her test is to experience materiality and spirituality and choose the side she favors. Her natural place is at the mid-heaven of our life, allowing us to believe she is the pinnacle we are instinctively trying to emulate.

We know Capricorn as the Mountain Goat, who skillfully climbs and descends the rocky peaks, surefooted in the uncomplicated mineral kingdom, living without question in the life she was born into. The young goat is grounded in the material world, sensing the mountains to climb, and the peaks to conquer. She has very little interest, or ability, to delve deeply into emotions. She plays the games of the material world and develops a thick skin to remain unexposed. Evolution forces the Mountain Goat to come down to earth. Literally.

As she expands into soul consciousness Capricorn becomes the Sea Goat, or Crocodile, who travels both on land and in shallow emotional waters. She is aware of her ability and responsibility to serve through personal power, which on land revolves around her material life, and in the waters of emotion, to realize her inner strength. She easily acquires whatever she needs to further her process. Although she feels there is always more for her to accomplish, at some point Capricorn’s energy reaches its land boundary. Her carefully built land castle shatters, falls into rubble and slowly disappears beneath the still waters she has been reluctant to call home.

As she realizes her True immense capacity for Good, she turns her dark face toward the light, realizes her Beauty, and elevates herself into the energy of the one-pointed Unicorn who serves Earth and Earth’s children from the depths of her open heart. It is through this process that Capricorn becomes the symbolic energy of new beginnings.

The quiet time of winter solstice, which occurs in early Capricorn, helps us reflect upon our quality of Dark and the Light that reveals it, then leads us from it. It asks us to value Good in all Earth’s Kingdoms, to receive and to give in equal proportion. It is our month-long breath of realizations, our renewal of vows, our plans for the future.

Until next time.
Happy New Year!

Published by Lisa White

I am a former elementary school teacher, self-avowed word nerd, student of esoteric philosophy, energy medicine practitioner, questioner, wonderer, and lover of early-morning walks.

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