Happy birthday pisces…

From approximately February 21st to March 21st Pisces rules within the zodiac. This month Janae shares the process of growth for this sign and how its energy matures along its spiritual path.

Pisces is a dual sign of the emotional water element, portrayed as two fishes, one of the physical nature and the other as a spiritual force. They are connected by a joining band that esoterically represents the nature of two sides always in bondage to each other. No matter which stage they are swimming in, people born in Pisces seek to serve, leading the way for empathy to develop within and among Earth’s kingdoms.

Duality signs also exist in three stages of growth, and when they are in bondage to the nature of their physical personality, those in Pisces are emotionally sensitive. They feel the fluctuating tides of social-political consciousness, they absorb all manner of energies floating in the waters of life. Even though they can’t always clearly interpret what they feel, Pisces people can easily think of themselves as psychic.

After a very long cycle of being the physical fish, Pisces becomes soul conscious and rotates its bondage to where the physical fish becomes captive to its soul. Their joining band dissolves and the fishes are freed to seek grounding in their opposite energy which is Virgo.

Virgo, a down-to-earth sign, brings stability to the emotional Pisces. Their friendship results in an awakening of mind, an awareness for Pisces of her higher shelf. The door that has been blocking Pisces from her full intuitional expression bursts open and she finally understands the flow of humanity’s feelings and in her empathy, becomes capable of poetic, mystical points of expression. She takes up the cause of what’s True and serves it back to those in need.

It is within the waning Age of Pisces that the Path of spiritual revelation, in every creative consciousness, has been given to those of Earth. It is in this Age that humanity has developed the capacity to Love One Another. As difficult as it has seemed at times, there is great celebration that it has begun. The seeds have been planted, they are taking root, and on Earth creating Love is Now Up To Each Of Us.

Until next month.

Published by Lisa White

I am a former elementary school teacher, self-avowed word nerd, student of esoteric philosophy, energy medicine practitioner, questioner, wonderer, and lover of early-morning walks.

2 thoughts on “Happy birthday pisces…

  1. Hi happy birthday Lisa. Your post is beautiful and it explains a lot for me as my Dad was a Pisces. Thank you


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