Happy birthday aries…

The sign of Aries is highlighted in the zodiac from approximately March 21st to April 21st. This month Janae walks us along his path to love as he evolves within the energies of Good, Beauty and True to become a selfless servant of humanity.

The glyph of the sign of Aries depicts the two horns of the Ram which makes many astrologers consider it a dual sign. Others, however, think it to be singular because in all its roles, Aries remains a sheep. You decide.

Its horns are not apparent in its lamb, or immature, stage. Watchers might say the lamb is unaware and naive, yet if he has earned a more advanced consciousness, the lamb may be biding his time until his Good becomes active. Even before he grows into the Ram, however, he is likely to become territorial.

The Ram of the first trimester is confrontational, butting heads wherever he can, out to win and never realizing his actions usually create the dramatic pushback he sometimes experiences from others. But here’s the tender secret of Aries: although his fire element burns hot, at his core he is emotional and because he cannot see how he affects others, his feelings are hurt more often than others might suspect. Yet, at some point he’ll let you know He is what he is and is happy for it.

The mature Aries begins righteous and self-righteous, consciously fighting for group causes that catch his self-interest, but over time and indeed lifetimes, his anger toward society falls to a simmer which allows him to intuit a world beyond himself where he finds his opposite in Libra’s sense of inner balance. And soon, as the Ram understands his Wholeness, he realizes the power of his Good actions, and becomes an advocate for justice, often willing to sacrifice his personal advancement to the Good Will of the group. It is by gaining harmony through conflict that Aries learns the values of love.

In his full maturity, Aries the Ram finds himself intuitionally dimensional with access to the levels of True mind that birth inspirational and aspirational ideas for humanity. He knows the depths of his Beauty and the right use of his power. He has a fluid perception of the heart of humanity, is deeply conscious of the Good in himself and expects the world to reflect his energy.

The Ram is earning the ability to raise the consciousness of humanity so that everyone may prosper by accepting all the values of Love.

Published by Lisa White

I am a former elementary school teacher, self-avowed word nerd, student of esoteric philosophy, energy medicine practitioner, questioner, wonderer, and lover of early-morning walks.

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