Happy birthday taurus…

Each year from approximately April 20th through May 21st we meet up with the energies of Taurus. Here Janae shares how this zodiac sign moves through its process of spiritual growth to ultimately become a Healer, reflecting along the way its evolving relationship with Buddha’s teachings.

Taurus the Bull is all about Beauty and we all know the glamour it can attract and create. Those born under the influence of Taurus are magnetic; when love (of anything) is their language they attract just about anything they desire. The key to lasting Taurus happiness is to be choosy.

The Universal Law of Attraction, which tells us we attract what we ARE, is always a higher vibration than what we think we want, so it’s important for Taureans to know they’re worthy of the best their plans have to offer. In its calf stage, the Bull desires all that glitters, all it can get its hands on, all it can draw into its space. It places its Beauty in a reflection of what it can tangibly collect and, inadvertently, can sometimes become a hoarder.

As it matures Taurus establishes a fixed system of values. It begins to recognize its inner job is to release feelings as well as things. And for the rest of us, when we give attention to this same inner work it brings about the awakening of our etheric Third Eye, esoterically known as the Eye of the Bull. It is through this energy that we, all of us, have an opportunity to Realize our Beauty as our Self.

When Taurus teams with its opposite Scorpio, it recognizes its goal is to gain Enlightenment and to experience what lies within and beyond. As she begins to evaluate her own Inner Beauty, Taurus responds to the pull of her Inner tides. She is drawn to the full moon energy of Taurus-Scorpio which honors the consciousness teachings of Buddha and feels the power of the ancient celebration of Wesak. If you haven’t heard of Wesak, it’s worth looking up. It’s a time when all of us, especially those influenced by either Taurus or Scorpio, can have access to our soul’s past and often a glimpse in the direction of the future.

In its broadest stage of Spirit, Taurus becomes the Healer. Her formula has been to follow the Buddha’s teachings to Be Kind, to choose Good, to champion what’s True, to celebrate her own Beauty and to use her natural magnetic empathy to attract those in need of her values of Love.

Published by Lisa White

I am a former elementary school teacher, self-avowed word nerd, student of esoteric philosophy, energy medicine practitioner, questioner, wonderer, and lover of early-morning walks.

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