So, here’s the story…

I talk to the universe a lot, pretty much everyday. I often get insights about something I’m pondering, but on this particular day it went way beyond that!

On January 2, 2019, exactly one month after my mother passed away (and roughly six months after we lost our dog), I was walking through the house thinking about space and about how there was going to be more of it in my life because of these losses. For several days I had been sensing that something new was brewing, but I didn’t know what it could be.

As I continued on I had the thought to ask the universe how I was supposed to serve with whatever was going to come into the space. That seemed to be the million dollar question, because within a short amount of time I got a very specific answer. In a flash I was “told” that I was going to write a children’s book series about the energy of love, the name of the series, that it would be in rhyme scheme, the first two lines of the first book, and who the illustrator was meant to be. Yowza!

The name of the series:

Did You Know?

The first two lines of the first book:

Did you know that when you say hi to the sky,
You are really saying hi to yourself?
You are made of the sun and the stars
And so much wonderful else!

The illustrator:

Her name is Stephanie Rosas, and she happens to be my son’s girlfriend. (In the flash I saw the painting of my dog that Stephanie had given me for my birthday a few months before. As you can see, just as the universe had intended, she was perfect for my books!)

And here we are nearly two years later with two books published and the third one already written and illustrated! There’s more to the story, though, so you’ll have to come back soon for a longer chat…

Every day…

I love it when I read something and automatically feel the truth of it. I think of this quote as kind of like the 1993 movie Groundhog Day with Bill Murray. In the film he had to keep repeating the day over and over until he got it right, whereas we get to take on each day, seven days a week, and try again. I’m not sure if we need to achieve mastery, but we do need to keep figuring “our stuff” out!

Every day is a new day. We can learn from different angles what doesn’t work, what we could have done differently, what did work, or what we want to try the next time. To Pass Go we might even get away with a grade of a B+ or an A-. I don’t think it has to necessarily be that we aced the test. We just need to get close enough that the energy moves on through.

I like the relax part of this quote because energy doesn’t move well when we’re stressed or resisting. By the end of Groundhog Day, Bill Murray’s character has gone from quite frantic to very chill because he’d had to work out all of the kinks in his one day. He’d figured out his stuff and was able to move forward instead of rewinding once again.

When we learn to work with energy instead of against it, we help ourselves flow in the right direction, allowing ourselves to move from Point A to Point B with more grace and less fuss. To be able to start fresh allows space to open up for possibility, and that’s where creation’s seeds are planted. Keep on keeping on!

The process…

Perspective is such a wonderful thing because when you don’t have any you can feel quite lost and overwhelmed; you can feel like you’re untethered and very much alone. This quote reminded me recently that even though I may not always understand what the heck is going on from my vantage point, there’s a much bigger story of trust at play, one where my greatest good always has my back whether I remember it or not! I’m going to keep these words close from now on.

Higher order…

During Covid, but also before then, my brother and I would meet for walks in a big neighborhood that is kind of out in the country. This is a place where there is a lot of open space, big trees, fresh air, hawks and houses. We always enjoyed looking at the different types of architecture as well as the unique landscaping. It was a great way to come together, especially at a time that was so isolating.

The picture below was taken on one of our walks. It’s tree bark, but I have no clue what kind of tree this is. It’s fascinating to me. It looks like a puzzle that has pieced itself together so beautifully. When I look at this I am reminded of something I once read about nature. I believe it said that nature is the higher order of magic – or something to that effect. (Sounds like one of my sister’s memes @musesfromamystic.)

There is definitely magic in all of nature because creation is so magical. Sacred Geometry runs rampant within its designs. When we can be outside in the sunshine (or rain, if you prefer), quieting our minds and energy, we have the opportunity to take in the essence of nature. It feeds us on all kinds of levels whether we know it or not as we are part and parcel of it. We are just a different reflection.

Look around for the magic of nature. It can be anywhere even in the middle of a big, bustling city. You just have to notice it. Keep at it. Remember everything that you see and feel. Sunsets, potted plants, cool breezes, the different colors of leaves. You can build up quite a collage. Look for my puzzle tree. Maybe you’ll find it.

Happy birthday pisces…

From approximately February 21st to March 21st Pisces rules within the zodiac. This month Janae shares the process of growth for this sign and how its energy matures along its spiritual path.

Pisces is a dual sign of the emotional water element, portrayed as two fishes, one of the physical nature and the other as a spiritual force. They are connected by a joining band that esoterically represents the nature of two sides always in bondage to each other. No matter which stage they are swimming in, people born in Pisces seek to serve, leading the way for empathy to develop within and among Earth’s kingdoms.

Duality signs also exist in three stages of growth, and when they are in bondage to the nature of their physical personality, those in Pisces are emotionally sensitive. They feel the fluctuating tides of social-political consciousness, they absorb all manner of energies floating in the waters of life. Even though they can’t always clearly interpret what they feel, Pisces people can easily think of themselves as psychic.

After a very long cycle of being the physical fish, Pisces becomes soul conscious and rotates its bondage to where the physical fish becomes captive to its soul. Their joining band dissolves and the fishes are freed to seek grounding in their opposite energy which is Virgo.

Virgo, a down-to-earth sign, brings stability to the emotional Pisces. Their friendship results in an awakening of mind, an awareness for Pisces of her higher shelf. The door that has been blocking Pisces from her full intuitional expression bursts open and she finally understands the flow of humanity’s feelings and in her empathy, becomes capable of poetic, mystical points of expression. She takes up the cause of what’s True and serves it back to those in need.

It is within the waning Age of Pisces that the Path of spiritual revelation, in every creative consciousness, has been given to those of Earth. It is in this Age that humanity has developed the capacity to Love One Another. As difficult as it has seemed at times, there is great celebration that it has begun. The seeds have been planted, they are taking root, and on Earth creating Love is Now Up To Each Of Us.

Until next month.

Everything in the universe…

When I came across the note which was paired with last week’s post, there was a 4 x 6 card full of quotes with it. It was at least half way cited because I had jotted down “William’s book” in the top left corner. Though I hadn’t established which book, I’m pretty sure it came from The Harmonics of Vibrational Sound & Color: A System for Personal Transformation and Soul Consciousness by Raphael & Elias De Mohan. (Elias became a second name for William, who had been my teacher’s teacher.)

This is what I found interesting:

Everything in the universe expands and changes… This is the basic principle of creation – which is active all of the time on all levels of creation.

That means if we have a problem or unresolved issue, and we suppress it or deny it – or are not capable of solving it, the principle of creation will still apply to this vibrational energy field. If it cannot be allowed to expand in our awareness or consciousness, it will find another way of expanding. Normally, this would be to expand the level below it… A mental issue not resolved expands to the emotional level, then to the physical level.

Healing is a constant process of expanding consciousness.

We do not want aspects of our energy to become crystalized. Like I said last week, we need to be brave and honest in coming to grips with our challenges. Read the post again. To move forward we must dig deep to unearth what is holding us hostage. Understanding and love will aid this principle of creation to flow through us with healing/growth the natural outcome.

Only ever…

I am forever writing thoughts down that I want to remember, but sometimes I forget to cite the source. I found a note that is the making of this post, but I have no clue from where it sprang – or if I came up with it on my own. Sounds like something from many a conversation with my friend/teacher Janae, but who knows!

My note:

Everything is only ever about you. You have to recognize what is being asked to be discovered about a particular theme you are experiencing and how your energy is being affected.

What does it do?

How do you feel?

How is it trying to bring out a more mature energy perspective in you?

What is it teaching you about yourself?

What is it asking you to figure out about yourself?

Your spiritual growth lies in your ability to first seek honest answers to these questions, and then your next moves will be to work on where you go from there. You’ve got to dig deep if you want to make your way through whatever has you “stuck. ” If not, the lessons will keep repeating themselves until you do. Be brave. Look inside yourself. What you need to find is there if you can bring it to the surface.

Figure 8s

I came across Figure 8 energy years ago when I first read Donna Eden’s book Energy Medicine. I then learned a great deal more about it when I went through her certification program. Figure 8s were everywhere in my studies as they impact each of the energy systems of the body. They are magical and essential to our health and wellbeing. Anyone can learn how to work with them.

There are Figure 8 patterns all throughout the body. At their tiniest they find themselves within our cells and DNA with much bigger versions within the workings of each hemisphere of the brain controlling the opposite side of the body. They are essential to our auras and help keep our immune systems strong. Healthier people have more Figure 8 patterns within them.

When I had my practice, I always finished my sessions by sweeping my hands in big Figure 8 movements over my clients as a way to bring the energy work to a close. I did this because Figure 8s are all about weaving connections and creating networks throughout and around the body. I also used Figure 8s to hook each chakra up to the next as a way to give that system a big boost.

You can activate these patterns in your own body by tracing small and large Figure 8s on yourself. Even doodling Figure 8s on a piece of paper will help strengthen the patterns within you. You can dance around a room swinging your arms in Figure 8s or simply sit still and twirl your fingers the same way. You can also encourage a better connection between you and another by flowing Figure 8s between the both of you. Give it a try. See what you think!

Happy birthday aquarius…

This month we celebrate the sign of Aquarius, which radiates its energy to us from approximately January 21st to February 21st. Read on as Janae explains how the challenges of mind can morph into a path of love.

Aquarius is a dual sign of the air element. Strangely, its glyph is said to depict two flowing streams of water, yet air and water are not compatible elements and I believe the glyph likely depicts the peaks and valleys of creative minds that constantly search for a place to roost. Nobody can really explain the whimsey of Aquarius, but I think we all should appreciate what she is challenged with.

Air-mind energy jumps from idea to idea. The air-stream glyph shows continuous movement of two mind energies jumping from down point to up point to down point and back up again. Continually. This, I believe, is her first duality.

The lower zig-zag represents the movement of her foundation energy. It’s all about tradition, family values, obeying the rules of conventional life. She lives within boundaries everywhere she turns. She’s gracious about it up to a point (no pun intended). In her foundation energy Aquarius has a difficult time identifying herself with any one part of society. She sees Beauty everywhere, and is more likely to be whomever we need her to be. At heart Aquarius is all about everybody. Some parts of society might think of her as the quintessential groupie, but up close we learn that she’s all about love.

When she catches the upper airstream she breaks out of the orthodox thinking to become an artistic revolutionary, slinging herself out beyond boundaries, carving her own path through the dense underbrush of commonplace. In this higher point of view she develops a conscious desire to respond to her own Beauty and reaches out beyond her self interests to the interests of the creative group that gathers around her. In this process her second duality appears as Leo, her opposite energy. As she draws in the out-going fire-flashing bravado of her confident soul-mate, she develops a sense of wholeness. Together they expand to find their mutual ability to serve love.

It may seem that the two air streams of Aquarius are trying to break apart rather than pull themselves together and I think both are happening. As one who loves everybody, and sees Beauty everywhere she goes, Aquarius has a hard time taking sides so it becomes our job to love her back wherever we find her. In spirit consciousness, Aquarius will lead the way into the harmony of togetherness within humankind. Let’s make it easy for her.

Earth is entering the Age of Aquarius. Although the New Age is most likely to end up in harmonious relationships and love of Earth, every change in Age begins with a bumpy road that affects every kingdom from the elementals of air, earth, fire and water to the collective emotions of humanity. In this way, the Path of Aquarius-Leo into the service of Earth applies to all our lives; our future is in our loving hands.

More to come next month.


I have a couple of shelves in my bedroom closet that house pieces of family that I hold dear. Every day I get to look upon them and am grateful for the happy energy they bring me. Though they may not look like anything that special, they are little treasures to me.

Family treasures.

After my father passed away, I took home just a few things that had belonged to him. I had wanted one of his handkerchiefs since there wasn’t a day he was ever without one. I had also wanted his grader that he’d used for marking assignments throughout his teaching career. And I had wanted his am/fm radio that had shared many a ballgame with him, which we used to hear coming from his study as we walked down the hallway.

Before my mother passed, she gave me her jewelry box, which had resided on her dresser for as long as I can remember. I believe that it had come from her mother for there’s a tiny bracelet inside with a “G” for Glenola that had been her mother’s as a small child. My grandmother was born in 1907 so her little bracelet is well over one hundred years old. There’s been a lot of living with three generations of caretakers for that box.

The final two keepsakes are from my children. The framed drawing was done and given to me by my son when he was about four years old. It was of a real vase of flowers in our home, and I have loved it ever since. The bright, bubbly thank you card is from my daughter from several years back. She writes the sweetest, most thoughtful notes that you could ever get, putting her heart into every word.

May your treasures, whatever they are, fill you with much happiness and love.

Act as if…

And if you don’t think you have anything to be grateful for, keep looking. Because you don’t just receive optimism. You can’t wait for things to be great and then be grateful for that. You’ve got to behave in a way that promotes that.

Michael J. Fox

I came across this quote the other day and loved it, especially the last line. It reminded me right away of a practice that I’ve learned that works beautifully with this thought. If I act as if I am grateful, then I can engage grateful energy so that it starts to move through me, affecting me and my environment. Our thoughts create our reality, so why not purposely tweak them for our good?

This concept takes practice. Since we’ve been most likely following different kinds of programming for much of our lives, we have to learn to artfully manage this new approach to gain some traction. We have to work towards being consistent, catching and forgiving ourselves when we slip up. It’s not easy to break through old habits, but it will be well worth our time to see this through.

We can become very robotic in this life, reacting to old patterns as we go along, but if we can throw a wrench into that unconscious messaging, we can change the outcome. Choose something like gratitude and act as if it provides you with endless possibilities. Build that muscle. Do lots of reps. Watch yourself become more fit. Feel the benefits and then choose what you want to consciously promote next. Keep looking!