So, here’s the story…

I talk to the universe a lot, pretty much everyday. I often get insights about something I’m pondering, but on this particular day it went way beyond that!

On January 2, 2019, exactly one month after my mother passed away (and roughly six months after we lost our dog), I was walking through the house thinking about space and about how there was going to be more of it in my life because of these losses. For several days I had been sensing that something new was brewing, but I didn’t know what it could be.

As I continued on I had the thought to ask the universe how I was supposed to serve with whatever was going to come into the space. That seemed to be the million dollar question, because within a short amount of time I got a very specific answer. In a flash I was “told” that I was going to write a children’s book series about the energy of love, the name of the series, that it would be in rhyme scheme, the first two lines of the first book, and who the illustrator was meant to be. Yowza!

The name of the series:

Did You Know?

The first two lines of the first book:

Did you know that when you say hi to the sky,
You are really saying hi to yourself?
You are made of the sun and the stars
And so much wonderful else!

The illustrator:

Her name is Stephanie Rosas, and she happens to be my son’s girlfriend. (In the flash I saw the painting of my dog that Stephanie had given me for my birthday a few months before. As you can see, just as the universe had intended, she was perfect for my books!)

And here we are nearly two years later with two books published and the third one already written and illustrated! There’s more to the story, though, so you’ll have to come back soon for a longer chat…

Zodiac, part two…

This month we continue with Janae’s journey of love in the zodiac working our way from Virgo to Pisces.

Virgo: Hides what’s True about herself. She feels she is a failure when it comes to perfection so she demands perfection in others whom she sees as her reflections. She is hard on herself. Yet as she nears soul consciousness, she achieves clarity and objectivity, and establishes a creative purpose which results in a life devoted to service.

Libra: Is guided by Universal Law to see the mid way between Above and Below, Within and Without. Libra is goal oriented seeking ideal relationships and harmony in opposites. As he accepts soul consciousness Libra gains a True world view in service of Love.

Scorpio: Is a Trinity sign of Beauty, offering three levels of interpretation. We know the Scorpion of personality that is said to represent our lower nature, yet the heart of Scorpio is the Eagle of soul who can fly above the crowd as the Watcher, and then elevate itself into the Phoenix of Love that gains the greatest heights into Spirit.

Sagittarius: Is a Trinity sign of True. He begins his Journey as the impervious Centaur, impractical and undisciplined. When Sagittarius settles into soul consciousness he becomes the Archer where he envisions his purpose and designs himself to achieve it. He then creates himself as the Bow who can focus and launch the Arrow with its one-pointed desire to serve humanity.

Capricorn: Is a Trinity sign of Good. We know her as the Ram, or mountain goat, who skillfully climbs and descends the rocky peaks living without question in the life she was born into. In soul consciousness she becomes the Sea Goat (Mermaid or Mergoat) who is aware of her ability and responsibility to serve through power. She easily acquires whatever she needs to further her process. She then elevates herself into the one-pointed Unicorn who serves Earth and her children from the depths of her open heart.

Aquarius: In personality, she is known to be indiscriminate, impractical, easily led, and not plugged in. Through group relationships she learns to express herself creatively. As she matures Aquarius becomes aware of her Beauty, pulls her selves together, and as she nears soul consciousness, she becomes intuitively able to work both Above and Below to serve large groups of humanity.

Pisces: As a personality, Pisces is attracted to the emotional glamours of trendy lifestyles and out-of-the-world daydreams. Her life runs with the tides; when they are high her life is cohesive, when tides are low she withdraws from the current to recharge. When she begins work with her soul Opposite her intuition becomes True, and she learns to serve the world with patience, compassion, humility, and the deepest essence of Love.

Part three will be coming your way next month.

The next post…

I really don’t have any kind of system for coming up with posts. I just wait and see what grabs my attention. I might get a flash or I might see something that really speaks to me. I never know. I’ve even gotten all of the way through the week to the morning of posting without knowing what I was going to say, but even then it still works itself out.

Since I post on Sundays, I take a breather on Mondays and Tuesdays and Wednesdays. Around Thursday it’s really nice if a potential post thought has come to the fore. I do appreciate that because then I can sit with it for a couple of days before I give it a go, because finding the right/write words is very important to me.

Dragonflies are a big theme in my children’s books, and they are also kinda my blog mascots!

Well, here I am on Saturday evening. This title, The next post…, came to me out of the blue a couple of days ago, and as nothing else has been vying for my attention, I’ve got to go with it. Unfortunately, that was all that was whispered into my ear, so I’ve been pushing it around in my mind wondering exactly what I’m supposed to do with it.

Well, as this is my fourth paragraph, I guess that this was what I was supposed to talk about, my un-method of writing, my un-process. For someone who has been an exemplary planner and organizer extraordinaire most of her life, this un-stuff reaches me into the realm of pure faith. I have learned to trust that I will somehow make it to that next post topic. One way or another, it will find me or I will find it.

Of nature…

I took a screenshot of this post when I first saw it at the beginning of the month. I was immediately drawn to it recognizing the beauty of its message. I wanted to keep it because of the phenomenal depth that spoke volumes to me.

Permission granted from muses from a mystic,
who just so happens to be my sister!

I have always felt that we could divine any answers about life from the natural world; that we are modeled after it; that we are part of its sacred geometry. And what we consider to be magical is just an awareness of truth that is waiting to be unveiled.

Places in nature allow us to connect more fully with ourselves. Without conscious thought we tend to slow down. We tend to breathe more deeply. We tend to take our time. We tend to notice more. I would say that these surroundings are like personal charging stations, and they help us to become more fully alive.

We respond as we do because we are harmonizing more closely with the real world than we usually do. If we can learn to harness the energy of nature within us, that would be a first step in the discovery of its magic, and we could then learn more of the secrets it has to share.

I am loved..

July 23rd will mark the four-year anniversary of losing our dog. He was an eighty-pound Alaskan Shepherd, which is a cross between a German Shepherd and a Malamute. He was 7 years old when he passed. His name was Gunner, but we also called him G-Dawg, Mr. Puppy, or just Puppy.

I love this picture of him that’s on my husband’s bulletin board. He’d just come home that day from a bath at the groomer. He was nice and fluffy and wearing this very handsome kerchief, kinda like a superhero. He always looked so handsome in red, which was his signature color, but it was the accompanying statement that captured our hearts.

What a wonderful world it would be if we were to wear our hearts on our sleeves, or in this case, on our backs! What if we walked around living this belief, decorating ourselves with its message. We could pick out our most flattering fabrics and design our own logos, spreading love wherever we go.

“I am loved.” What can you claim in your life better than that? It is such a simple sentence that just so happens to contain the essence of the Universe within it. To love and to be loved, that is the gist our of life story. Love is our superpower. Grab your cape and get moving!

New me…

I have the lovely opportunity to start teaching Energy Medicine classes again in my community next month. It’s been quite a long while, but the timing is right, and the venue is great. I’m really looking forward to getting back to sharing my energy world with others in person.

For the class I needed to create a flyer, and then I needed to spiff up my bio. Omg! My first attempt with my bio left me a bit chagrinned. I was working off of a former resume that was itemized with dates in ascending order. I had sixteen bullet points, if you can believe it! It definitely told a very precise story, a left over of the old me who needed things to be just so, but it all felt too much.

My second attempt is new me energy. It is much less formal and even fits into one paragraph! It’s amazing how you can break down gobs of information and still get the gist of it across. Here’s what I came up with for the class. It’s a good snapshot:

My new bio

I am a former elementary school teacher, student of esoteric philosophy, questioner, wonderer, and lover of early-morning walks. I am also a Reiki Master and a certified Eden Energy Medicine Clinical Practitioner and Teacher. I am a former Hospice (energy medicine) volunteer. I have taught energy medicine exercise classes and have led study groups in my community. I have written articles for various energy magazines and have published a series of children’s books about the energy of love. I also write a weekly blog – about energy, of course!

There you have it. I hope that less says more.

Zodiac, part one…

This month Janae begins her three-part introduction of how love weaves its way through the zodiac:

Of the twelve signs of the zodiac, we are probably most familiar with our Sun Sign. In every astrology reference we’ll find a singular, personality meaning of our sun sign and I’m guessing most of us already know the basics. As a singular in zodiac terms, we are more self-focused than at any other time on our Journey to Love. It is a similar consciousness to how we all are in our mid-and-high school years when we are tying to identify ourself by acting out our likes and dislikes, which change on a regular basis. Developing personality is a time to figure out who we are, where we are in relationship to others, and to begin to design ourself into who we want to be when we grow up.

Most of us are learning or reviewing lessons that involve a singular stage of growth. There’s always a progression of consciousness in whichever zodiac energy we’re born into. In Transcendental Astrology, we are focused on the Good choices we make in our personality, opening to the Beauty of our Soul energy, as well as coming to understand what’s True about Love on Earth.

Here’a a quick look at where we begin and where we might end up:

Aries: Shows love through conflict. Aries has an instinctive need to guard its Good by defending its territory. As it moves in consciousness closer to Soul energy it becomes a crusader in society for what it believes to be right.

Taurus: Shows love by what it collects. Taurus sees its own Beauty reflected in the quality and quantity of things gathered around it. As its consciousness moves closer to Soul, Taurus begins to reflect upon the healing value of the things it acquires and strives to put them to best use.

Gemini: Works with ideas. Its twin sign status forces Gemini to move back and forth being True to many ideas at the same time. As it moves into Soul consciousness it becomes a weaver of relationships, a diplomat of policy, an emissary of Love and Light.

Cancer: When Cancer comes out of her shell she is guided instinctively by her Good mothering nature with little sense of Self and a great sense of Others. As her Soul becomes prominent in her life, she works in conscious Love for the benefit of all the kingdoms of Earth.

Leo: Leo’s motto is ‘it’s all about me.’ He understands his Beauty and shows it off to the world around him. Soul consciousness brings Leo into a better alignment with the groups of people around him where he finds his purpose by serving others.

We continue with the rest of the zodiac next month.

Trusting openness…

The Wild Offering Oracle by Tosha Silver.
Art by Katie Daisy.

This deck was given to me by a friend, as you may recall from a prior post. I really like its artwork and its thoughtful wording. Every so often I’ll pull a card randomly to see what tidbit of truth the Universe wants to toss my way. There’s always something in it for me, especially when I can look at myself honestly.

For me, this card is a great reminder to get out of my own way. I’m the type of person who likes to have a plan and who tends to gather up all of her little duckies to get them in a nice, straight row. This is a big part of my personality, which has served me well, but I also recognize that it can make me miss the forest for the trees.

Too much ego can take over with my organizing if I’m not careful. If I’m trying too hard for a particular outcome, I might not pick up on pieces of intuitive information that are vying for my attention because my brain is striving too hard. There may be a completely different flock of ducks that I’m not considering, which could turn out to be even better for my particular scenario.

Being on autopilot closes me off to more possibility, and I really try to catch myself when I backpedal. Trusting openness is what fuels my inner guidance system, where nothing has to be a certain way, where awareness just flows. That trust takes practice, and when I get it right, it’s a great place to be.

Papa’s day…

My dad was a really good grandpa. My kids called him Papa. Even though he passed away in 2004 when my son was twelve and my daughter was nine, he had been very involved in their young lives from babyhood and beyond. We only lived a couple of miles away, so Dad was there for all of their first smiles, first teeth, first steps, and first words. And when they got old enough, he took them to the movies, took them bowling, played with them at the park behind his house, had them spend the night, took them out to eat, rooted for my son at his soccer games, applauded my daughter at her ballet recitals – the list goes on and on. He would always say, “When am I gonna see those kids?” He was their #1 fan. I so wish that they had gotten more time with him, but I tell them both that he hasn’t missed out on a single thing since he left us because, from where he’s watching, he’s got the best seat in the house!

Happy Papa’s Day, Dad!

My dad kept this framed photo of him and my kids in his office.
It’s been keeping me company in my office for nearly eighteen years now!

To the moon…

I saw this very sweet notion running through my social media the other day. I didn’t catch the author info, but here’s the gist of it, with a few tweaks from me…

The heart creates enough energy every day to drive a truck 20 miles. Over a lifetime, that would be the equivalent of driving to the moon and back. So, when you tell someone ‘I love you to the moon and back,’ what is being said is that your love for this person exists within every beat of your heart lasting your entire life.

That’s a lotta love going on!

Outer planets…

This month Janae continues to reveal the facets of Transcendental Astrology by introducing the Outer Planets: Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto.

These three planets are farthest from our Sun and seem to have little connection with our daily lives. Astrologers concur that their affect is generational, sprinkled with once-in-a-lifetime collective events that seem very personal when we’re going through them. It’s been pointed out to me that Uranus, Neptune and Pluto are spiritually based entities who cannot fully enter our individual lives before we are spiritually aware. A year or two ago I realized that our passage through Saturn, which is through our personal outer boundary, guides us into energies that vibe beyond our soul into Spirit.

The light that dawns beyond Saturn shows us our first glimpse of Uranus. Uranus occurs in our chart in the house where Saturn opens the door for us. It gives us the nature of Good action where our individual conscious journey to Above begins. We now have both feet on the side of spirit, and it occasionally feels as if our interest is moving out of the social world. If we’ve been paying attention and adjusting to broader values of love as we’ve gone along, this is a relatively easy transition. We can technically move through the lessons of all three Outer Planets in our lifetime, but it’s made easier by hard earned wisdom that’s been gained in previous lifetimes.

Work with Uranus will push forward the energy of Neptune. Neptune inspires Beauty, and our inspiration will come from the nature of the house where Neptune dwells. We are now an actively aware energy in the Inner World of Above, working at Earth level to plan and produce (to the extent of our own experiencing) what Above has proposed. There is very little difference in our lives between Outer and Inner work. Our experience in Neptune leads to Pluto’s Transformational energy which, of course, happens in the nature of the house of Pluto. This is our house of True synthesis; it is where we embrace the Wholeness we’ve designed ourself to be.

The energies of Good, Beauty and True are at the base of all our religions, cultures, and spiritual awarenesses. In every Earth incarnation we’ve been asked to practice and evolve these three transcendental energies. We are offered passage to the Outer Planets when we’re ready to synthesize the trinity within us, and accept that our purpose has always been to Create Kindness, to Love One Another, and to Serve Earth.

Where do we possibly go from here? Stay tuned!