Star stuff…

Here is a quote from Leonardo Da Vinci that I came across for the first time several days ago. He said,

“Study the science of art. Study the art of science. Develop your senses – especially learn how to see. Realize that everything connects to everything else.”

We can still breathe in the mystical nature of this man five hundred plus years after his death. He was definitely of a very high vibration, and his choice of words is as significant as ever. He wanted us to develop beyond our normal senses, to develop a true appreciation and understanding of the interconnectedness of life.

If we don’t move below the surface, we miss out on the depth and breadth of another whole layer of reality that encircles and enlivens us. The same building blocks of the universe live within us. “The nitrogen in our DNA, the calcium in our teeth, the iron in our blood, the carbon in our apple pies were made in the interiors of collapsing stars. We are made of star stuff,” so stated Carl Sagan.

Da Vinci wanted us to have eyes that see and ears that hear what is hidden, veiled so that we could start to unlock the mysteries of our own energies and of those of the world around us. Be open to the unknown and what it can offer you. Pay attention. Dream. Create. Laugh. Question. Wonder. Study. Relate. There’s so much more to who we are.


I saw this quote on my sister’s Instagram page @musesfromamystic. I immediately took a screenshot because I also really liked the photo she had put with it. When I went back to find it for this post, it had somehow disappeared from my phone. Nor could I find it on her page. This is my humble substitution.

This statement is so powerful. Its effortless simplicity speaks so beautifully to me. It’s a complete truth, a full circle. It inspires more and better from you. Plant the seeds to grow and flow your kindness. There’s a lot of bang, on all sides, for your buck!

Happy birthday capricorn

Our next stop in the zodiac features the energy of Capricorn, which presents itself approximately from December 21st to January 21st. Follow along as Janae delves into this sign and its phases of growth according to Transcendental Astrology.

We know a Trinity sign as a unique, intermediary synthesis of Good, Beauty or True. In Transcendental Astrology, Capricorn’s focus is on the Trinity sign of Good. Her test is to experience materiality and spirituality and choose the side she favors. Her natural place is at the mid-heaven of our life, allowing us to believe she is the pinnacle we are instinctively trying to emulate.

We know Capricorn as the Mountain Goat, who skillfully climbs and descends the rocky peaks, surefooted in the uncomplicated mineral kingdom, living without question in the life she was born into. The young goat is grounded in the material world, sensing the mountains to climb, and the peaks to conquer. She has very little interest, or ability, to delve deeply into emotions. She plays the games of the material world and develops a thick skin to remain unexposed. Evolution forces the Mountain Goat to come down to earth. Literally.

As she expands into soul consciousness Capricorn becomes the Sea Goat, or Crocodile, who travels both on land and in shallow emotional waters. She is aware of her ability and responsibility to serve through personal power, which on land revolves around her material life, and in the waters of emotion, to realize her inner strength. She easily acquires whatever she needs to further her process. Although she feels there is always more for her to accomplish, at some point Capricorn’s energy reaches its land boundary. Her carefully built land castle shatters, falls into rubble and slowly disappears beneath the still waters she has been reluctant to call home.

As she realizes her True immense capacity for Good, she turns her dark face toward the light, realizes her Beauty, and elevates herself into the energy of the one-pointed Unicorn who serves Earth and Earth’s children from the depths of her open heart. It is through this process that Capricorn becomes the symbolic energy of new beginnings.

The quiet time of winter solstice, which occurs in early Capricorn, helps us reflect upon our quality of Dark and the Light that reveals it, then leads us from it. It asks us to value Good in all Earth’s Kingdoms, to receive and to give in equal proportion. It is our month-long breath of realizations, our renewal of vows, our plans for the future.

Until next time.
Happy New Year!

Merry everything…

Lots of celebrations this month. December is the time of Hanukkah, Christmas, Kwanzaa as well as Solstice. Merry Everything! Happy New Year!

Wishing you:

T ime to reflect

I llumination

S afe travels

T idings of love

H ealthy living

E very happiness

S imple pleasures

E ats that are treats

A ngels by your side

S tarry nights

O pen hearts

N ew traditions

Take a breath…

It is very easy to get lulled into thinking that our perspectives are always correct. Too many times, however, have I walked down to our mail box and gotten a bit irked because I’ve sworn that someone was parked right in front of the stand, only to find out as I got nearer it wasn’t blocked at all. And I keep falling for it!

Or how about the times when someone has driven too slowly in front of me and I started to make a snap judgment, but there was actually something in the road that I could not see that caused the other driver’s caution. It was only when it was my turn to come upon whatever the problem was that I realized, too late, that I had been jumping to conclusions.

Since I have been picking up on these scenarios lately, I believe I’m supposed to finally figure out that my frame of reference is just that – a reference, and not the whole story. It’s impossible to know all sides of something only from where one is standing. Our vantage points all differ. Our thoughts and feelings all differ. Our backgrounds all differ. Our days all differ.

My remedy for this now is to just take a breath before I start telling myself stories that are false. It’s such a waste of time, isn’t it? And even if it turns out that I’m “right” about something, taking a breath in this case also allows me to refocus and soften my energy so that I can meet what is ahead of me with a bit more understanding and grace.

It’s going to take practice, but I think it will be well worth it.

Night sky…

This was one of the early watercolors that my illustrator, Stephanie Rosas, did for the second book in my series. It didn’t make it into the book, but I just love the silhouette of the child standing out in the open looking at the nighttime sky. It’s as if you are right there, too, a part of the brilliant colors and the shooting stars, quite small against such a wondrous, magical backdrop.

My book is about our connection to the love of the universe, our oneness with the vastness of the heavens. I talk about the light that the stars shine down upon us as well as the light that is within us. “Our internal light does the exact same thing just like the moon and the stars above. It’s meant to focus us on our travels in life, and teach us how to make our way with love.”

Donna Eden has referred to an energy that sits a foot or so straight out in front of our hearts as our “North Star.” I really like this, not only because it works with the theme of my book, but because she has said that this energy pulls us along, that it wants to lead us to where we are supposed to be going. In fact, you can figure 8 between yourself and this energy to help keep yourself on track!

The night sky, your inner light, your North Star – it’s all about you finding your way to love. The world leaves clues for us to follow. Look for love. It’s within you and all around you. “This is the truth of who we are, what we’re made of on the inside and the out. We carry the message of the twinkling stars that LOVE is what life is all about.”

Happy birthday sagittarius…

This month Janae continues her journey through the zodiac with Sagittarius, which showcases its energy from approximately November 21 to December 22. Read on for Janae’s explanation of how this sign matures and evolves through time.

We know each Trinity sign to be an intermediary synthesis of Good, Beauty or True. Because Trinity signs come at the end of the calendar year they are esoterically recognized as our collective yearly review. Sagittarius, a fire sign, asks us to examine our perspective of what’s True.

In each of his stages of growth Sagittarius is intuitively aware, therefore he lives with multiple responsibilities. He is totally at home in any society. He feels he knows everything and often practically nothing at all, both at the same time.

In Transcendental Astrology he is a seeker of what’s True. As a youth he is the earth oriented Centaur, a foolish colt who feels large and in charge. He loves the world democratically, seeing no divisions within all nature’s kingdoms. The colt, however, sees only the surface of life and his strong intuition guides him into confusion. He needs a friend, or a philosophy, to help him sort things through.

Maturity, as the second stage of growth for Sagittarius, is the colt’s development into the stunning White Horse. The White Horse roams the fields of love seeking what’s True in the world. He lives within many doctrines and finds sameness among them. He rides along with countless philosophies and chooses to champion the parts of each that unite the Family of Man. He is becoming very aware of himself as part of the world around him. He is mystified by group emotions and actions that violate what’s True.

Eventually he recognizes himself in the Archer who has walked beside him all along, volleying insightful arrows into the air without heeding where they fall. The Archer’s fire-sign heart burns with a blue flame, which softens the appearance of his layers of strength. He is on a soul quest, willingly taking on the responsibility to discover what’s hidden in the quiet spaces. He embraces all kingdoms of Earth. He becomes actively intuitive. He is very sure of the commonality of all mankind, yet as with his younger Centaur self he remains stunned by people’s capacity to fight against their own Good and dishonor their own Beauty.

When the White Horse permits it, the Archer mounts and directs his steed to seek the landing places of all the arrows that have left his bow. He aspires to Spirit. His goal is what’s True. Revelation is his plan.

See you next month.

Whole new world…

This is a picture of me with Donna Eden from maybe 8 years ago. Donna is one of the pioneers and leading voices in the realm of energy medicine, and I was fortunate enough to graduate from her three-year certification program, which led to my own practice as well as teaching classes and leading study groups in my surrounding communities. She is nearing eighty years old now and has been sharing her methods for decades.

I’m holding a sign that says hi to Diane, a mutual friend.

Before being introduced to Eden Energy Medicine (EEM), I had been working with Reiki energy. Donna’s program, however, opened up a whole new world to me because it was so specific. The wonderful thing about Reiki is that the energy can go to where it is needed without me directing it or without me really having to know much about the body. It’s a different story with EEM.

In studying EEM I learned about major energy systems and how I could work with them to create a better balance in the body. I learned about their locations and pathways, about investigating and testing, about exercises and techniques. I learned much more about the body too. A great thing about it was that Reiki could compliment my energy sessions since I was already attuned to it. An added bonus.

Though I no longer have my practice, I still use some facet of EEM daily, and I also suggest things for friends to try if they are feeling out of sorts. After twelve years it’s become ingrained. I even tap into aspects of it unconsciously as when I thump my thymus if I need to get a big breath out or when I do a Crown Pull if I have a headache. I am forever grateful for it has become part of my DNA – mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually.

You can find information about Donna Eden and her programs at

A bounty…

If you’ve been reading my blog for a while now, then you already know about my love affair with cards from Trader Joe’s. I bought a few of what you see below as soon as I saw it because seasonal ones tend to go really quickly. I also love it when the inside of the card is decorated as is this one, which features cute little pumpkins on one side as well as some of what’s on the cover on the other. The greeting says “Hope it’s A-maize-ing.”

A Trader Joe’s greeting card by Stephanie Bauer.

Our holiday tradition began as a celebration of the harvest along with a gratefulness for its bountiful rewards. Every year at this time we are reminded to count our blessings, to be thankful for what we have. Whatever the list is in your life, I wish you a bounty of good – of health and happiness, of smiles and laughter, of memories made with loved ones.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Love story…

I had completely forgotten that I had submitted information about my books several months ago for Energy Magazine’s “Holiday Gift Guide,” so when I opened an email from them last week which showcased their selections, I was nicely surprised to see my series at the top of the page. This wonderful publication continues to be so gracious with its support of me and mine.

For the three years that I was completely wrapped up in writing, publishing, and spreading the word about my books, there was little else that I accomplished as the process had literally taken over my life. I contacted everyone conceivable whom I thought would rally around my books, much of the time with no word back. Promoting a book can definitely be a lonely road, but Energy Magazine has been there for me from the start.

I am grateful for the experience of conceiving, writing, and publicizing my books. No matter what I had hoped the outcome to be, the whole process was evidently something that had to be fulfilled in my energy. That day that I received the directive from the universe (, which set this all in motion, was a day that refocused my life.

I was supposed to write these books about the energy of love, and not just for children, but also for the adults in their lives. The gentle rhymes and sweet illustrations are meant to remind all of us of the truth of who we are. That truth is that we are love. We are love coming to know itself through our every thought, word, and deed. We are forever learning and growing in this awareness, a love story in the making.