More about relationships with good, beauty, and true…

We are back this month to further the conversation of how we relate the Universal energies of Good, Beauty, and True to an astrological chart. Remember, we are discussing quarters of the chart and how their particular houses work with each other as well as with those that sit opposite them on the wheel.

Houses #4, #5, and #6 encompass the Second Quarter. Where First Quarter houses refer to our Inner Self energies, the Second Quarter houses show where we extend those energies in larger settings, such as with family, within creative processes, and within aspects of service. We build these energies and radiate them out into the world through their relationships with Houses #10, #11, and #12.


Families are Forever. We’ve been with combinations of these persons since our energy first came to Earth. We’ve fought them, betrayed them, abandoned them, served them, and loved them. The soul test is how we now handle the challenges they bring. Challenges are reciprocal; they radiate into our schools, clubs, places we work and worship. Our Good energy weighs in the balance of good in the world. We count.


From the Above point of view, we are creators in and of Earth, and our primary creation is our Self. When we radiate our gentle lighted Beauty out into our world, it is reflected in the energy of our neighborhood, pets, community, children, elders. Our hidden ability is to create loving, healing energy within our Self and to share it with Others so that our planet awakens and thrives.


We each hold responsibility to our Self and to those whom we serve. When we are young we serve those closest to us; when we mature we serve more broadly. When we are Spirit, we serve what’s True on Earth. When that is accomplished, we serve Above. We cannot Serve Above until we have Served Below. The twelfth house is an Honored House in our chart because our journey within it Lights the World.

Those who study the Esoteric Philosophies come to realize that Earth’s hidden energy is emotion. The human ability to feel love exists only on Earth, and those of Earth are developing that awareness so that it can grow to exist Universally. Look at your chart and yourself with new eyes. You are a love story in the making!

Until next month…

Through space and time…

These boards live in my office. What goes up on them stays up for a long time, each item telling its own special story. Years of memories surround me, all within my literal reach.

love on the left

Every day I get to travel through space and time in a heart beat by just looking up from my desk either to the left or to the right! Photos, cards, notes, and more smile down upon me offering the energy of love that they are.

love on the right

Know better…

I remember something that Oprah Winfrey said a long time ago, something to the effect of… “When you know better, you do better.” I understand how the sentiment was intended, and it is true, but it has always bothered me a little bit because there’s so much more to it than there seems. (Not even the tiniest slice of shade thrown here; the sky is a brilliant blue, with nary a cloud!)

In my way of looking at life, we humans know better long before we do better! Many times we know that we shouldn’t have said what we just said, but we said it anyway. We also know that we need to get enough exercise, eat healthier, be kinder, be more patient, etc. There are many layers of knowing, and it takes desire and effort to get to the bottom of true understanding. In order to create a new outer manifestation, inner work must be done.

Whatever it is that holds us back from the better doing is what needs to be freed in our energy. This relates to last week’s post “Pass go…” about naming and claiming patterns we’d like to change. I’m mostly talking here about the depthy stuff, but the lighter stuff qualifies, too. It’s very easy to put off what we don’t wish to address, even when we know better!

I’m going to share an energy technique that comes from my studies with Eden Energy Medicine. (It flashed in midway through writing this post, so I’m taking it for granted that it’s meant to be helpful.) This hold works with neurovascular points which aid in soothing the body’s stress response/resistance, which thereby opens the door to the possibility of healing and change. You can literally begin to reprogram yourself with this method.

Try it out:

As you bring something to mind that you are having trouble releasing, flatten the fingers of both hands on the middle of your forehead, placing your thumbs on your temples next to your eyes. Allow yourself to really get into the energy of the upsetting habit while breathing in through your nose and out through your mouth. After several minutes you should start to feel calmer as this process ultimately helps create flow by relaxing the body’s reaction to the associated stress.

I think that I shall tweak Oprah’s remark to
“When you finally do better, you know better!”

Pass go…

Our Souls speak to us in all kinds of ways. They are constantly communicating with us in the hopes of gaining our attention in order to connect the dots of our Spiritual Selves. Our inner and outer worlds work together to reflect what we need to learn in order for us to “Pass Go” and move ahead one space at a time in this game of Life.

Sometimes the clues are subtle and we can easily miss them. Much of the time, however, we don’t want to see them, because then we’d have to do something about them, which means doing something about ourselves. The ego is tenacious; letting go of decades of habitual thoughts/patterns can be quite a challenge since we’ve become so comfortable with them.

The Universe doesn’t let us off too easy, though. No, we get pushed, prodded, and downright pestered when we give the go-ahead that we’re “ready” for change. I think what happens is that the personality finally catches on that something needs to shift for our betterment, and then the Soul goes to town providing the opportunities.

The steps below have helped me with this process:

1) I acknowledge what needs to be released (because I really do have to name it first to claim it).
I want to release the need for pointing out things that I see as “wrong.”

2) I catch myself when I react in the old pattern, then laugh, forgive myself, and move on.
This habit has become so ingrained in me that I am the first person to say something like “I should have added more salt (or whatever) to something I made for dinner. This doesn’t seem like a big deal, but IT IS considering my history, which I wrote about in last week’s post!

My first goal is to catch myself having the thought before blurting said thought out, but sometimes the blurting beats me to it. That’s ok. I laugh and know that I’m working on it.

3) I reset to a new pattern.
I basically tweak the old scenario by saying something like, “The next time I make such and such for dinner, it’s a good idea to add more seasoning.” See the difference?

4) I await the tests to come.
As I work to instill a new, thoughtful pattern, the Universe provides various challenges so that I can measure my progress. For instance, just last night after noticing a grammar mistake that had been repeated several times, (yes, several times!) in a book I’ve been reading, I said out loud, “I can’t believe these mistakes got passed the editors! How did that happen?” It took a second, and then I smiled.

It’s a process.


I have always prided myself on being a problem-solver, a skill I have highly valued my whole adult life. I have an eye for seeing how something could be changed, in my opinion, to make it “better.” Whether it has to do with writing or landscaping or paint colors or picking out clothes, or finding a good price, I have an editor’s knack for making “improvements.”

I had a major epiphany recently, however, as I came across the below passage in Pam Grout’s book, The Course in Miracles Experiment (another gift from my friend Becky). The following is from Lesson 64:

…withdrawing my conviction from the notion there’s a ‘problem’ that needs to be solved…
Once I pluck a particular problem out of the gazillion possibilities in the quantum field, I collapse that wave. I turn it into material form. I make it real.

Uh oh! What flashed in was a massive tweak in perspective. “Problems” have been too much in my awareness. I don’t want to go around collapsing waves anymore. In the past, I think I was trying to fix whatever wasn’t flowing well, but I was going about it all “wrong.” My ego was very proud of what I could get accomplished, but in the scheme of the Universe, I was definitely moving backassward!

To carry on with the theme of waves, though the watery kind, I’ve had absolutely no clue that I have been training for such epic wipe outs. Decades of practice have made me a problem-solving whisperer. Look at me! See how I can fix things?! Using my ability in this way, which has made me feel safe in the world of ego, has rendered nothing but a hollow sensation.

Actually, I’ve known for a while now that I’ve needed to pull back the reins on this particular habit. The realization of pointing out what was “wrong” in the outside world was actually a call for me to look inside myself, to see what was “missing” in ME. My task, now, is to turn that frowny old perspective upside down and start using these skills to support possibility and flow. A switch has flipped. It’s a process. Wish me luck.

More from Lesson 64, which says it all:
My function is to ‘be the light.’ And it’s much easier to fulfill that function when I focus on the gajillion possibilities rather than zero in on one problem, one collapsed wave.

Here’s to possibilities!

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Relationships with good, beauty, and true…

Last month we introduced you to the new astrological concepts of Good, Beauty, and True. Now, here’s a look at how we see these Universal energies relating in an astrology chart (though you don’t really have to know anything about astrology to appreciate the information we share). The discussion is in two parts, continuing in February. Take a gander.

The house meanings in each quarter of the chart address areas of our life that have some relationship to each other – and to their opposites. Houses #1, #2, and #3 comprise the First Quarter and pair up with our Inner Energies of Good, Beauty, and True. Houses #7, #8, and #9, sitting opposite on the chart, comprise the Third Quarter and relate to how we radiate those energies out into the world.


We humans have the ability to Feel Love Within, and when we feel unloved our inner sense of Beauty fails. Our 1st House relationship with our Self is about loving ourself; when we feel unworthy of our own love, our whole immune (energy) system begins to collapse. We cannot love Others if we don’t love ourself first. The qualities we attract in the name of love reflect how we feel about our Self. We broadcast them into the world and we attract what we are.


Good is the joyous nature of the Universe; it is our solar system energy in action. It is embedded in our DNA as our struggle toward “perfection,” which we ultimately learn is a changeable term. Our choices of what we see we have reflect what/how we believe ourself to be, as well as how we want others to see us. It tells us where we have stopped, and how we begin again. As we acknowledge soul energy we begin to see what’s normally unseen, to have beyond our choices, to accept the hidden Inner processes of Earth.


The Spiral Path of our Earth Journey is our unfolding wonderment of what’s true in Earth, in our System, in the Universe, and consequently in our Self, our families, our communities. It is our intent to Good, our depth of Beauty, our realization of the words we hear and speak. It is our experience of love within us, our experience of love around us. Love is up to us. Love is what we learn. Love is what we teach. Love is what we become. Love is who we Are.

Whether or not you have a birth chart, throw this information into the mix of your life. How does it change what you think you already know about yourself? What does the new perspective offer? What does it say to you about LOVE in your life?

The conversation continues…

Opposites… defines my blog post title in its adjective form as:

situated, placed, or lying face to face with something else or each other, or in corresponding positions with relation to an intervening line, space, or thing.

It can also be described as:

contrary or radically different in some respect common to both, as in nature, qualities, direction, result, or significance; opposed.

There are all kinds of opposites in energy. Astrology teaches about relationships on the wheel. In the study of personality astrology, oppositions, aspects in a “tug of war,” “at odds,” or that “cause friction,” are thought of as energies one must combat – and, sadly, that makes up most of the information out there. As one gains further study, however, soul astrology teaches one to see beyond this hype; we are taught to see that resolutions of these energies lead to our growth, and we begin to slay our personal dragons with more enthusiasm.

In Eden Energy Medicine I learned about the Meridian Wheel, which offers this distinctive view of opposite relationships. The chart below shows the meridians separated in two-hour segments that relate to a specific time of day/night. Opposites here are linked together as partners, so when any energy is in some kind of trouble, I was taught to automatically consider what’s directly across from it as a possible “treatment option.” Healing one helps heal the other, and that good energy flows around the wheel to the benefit of all.

A chart from Eden Energy Medicine.

Between the two definitions at the start of the post, I propose that we consider opposites as energies that are “corresponding” versus “opposed.” One of these choices is much more encouraging and open than the other, isn’t it? It’s all in how we think about it. And why do you suppose we talk about opposites attracting? Perhaps it’s because we’re supposed to learn something more deeply about ourselves because of that other person, and that’s what causes the magnetic pull in the first place, a pull that offers a step towards Wholeness.

Whether affected by a book, a movie, a quote, a talk with a friend, astrology or meridians, it always comes back to YOU. Opposing or not, our relationships with the outside world are guiding each of us to discover our relationship to Self. Outer experiences act as bridges to our inner worlds, challenging us to heal and grow.

Our evolving consciousness is what blurs the lines of “separation,” inviting and expanding our understanding, acceptance, and awareness of Us. We are the microcosm of the macrocosm – not just a drop in the ocean, but an entire ocean in a drop, according to Rumi. We are made up of the forces of the Universe, and the goal is not in combating energies, but in aligning them, ultimately creating a union, a synthesis.

Consider the next “tug of war” that comes along more thoughtfully and see what happens.

An angel in your pocket…

For years I have maintained a collection of the wonderful little tokens you see below. I gift them to people to whom I’m wanting to send extra doses of love. My aim is to provide a sense of peace during an especially trying time. Whether kept in a pocket, in a purse, or left out openly somewhere, it can’t hurt to have some heavenly mojo at the ready!

My friend John is a recipient of one of these angels. He keeps his with him, by this I mean on his person, and every once in a while when we’re together, he’ll pull out the contents of a pant’s pocket to show me his angel, which rests in the palm of his hand along with his change. He’s lost one or two along the way these many years, but replacements were quickly sent and all was right again with the world.

It’s nice to have and to hold a physical symbol of love/peace/healing. Such an object can help focus awareness; it can be a reminder that we are wrapped in love even though it may not feel like it at all. Though there are a great many challenges to be faced in life, I believe that the energy of the Universe surrounds us, its subtle hellos offering a respite from the chaos that confronts us.

Angels are thought of as spiritual beings, messengers that serve as intermediaries between the heavenly and human realms. Throughout history, works of art have depicted angels with halos, which represent the light and grace of divinity, a divinity, I believe, that also created us.

A great big remembrance of our own light can come in very small packages, and my hope is that the memo is well received! So, whether you have an angel in your pocket, a hug from a loved one, a kindness from a stranger, or a sighting of a dragonfly, allow it to connect you to the love that you are, these outer expressions reflecting your halo within!

More Astrology Q & A…

This month Janae and I introduce Good, Beauty and True, the three universal energies that organize our new look at astrology. Open to the information. What do you think? How does it feel? Again, I am the Q and she is the A!

Q1: What makes up the recipe for Universal Love?

A: We use the word transcendental to describe the eternal presence of three basic energies, which Ancient philosophers named Good, Beauty and True. These energies were brought into societies through many religious trinity doctrines, and came to me as The Three Values of Love. The message to me was/is that the action of the Earth is Good, that we of humanity are the Beauty of Earth as designed and written in the Heavens, and that what’s True in Earth sustains. And so, the trinity Above is both reflected and rooted in the trinity Below.

Good, as an energy, is imbedded in our physical DNA; you might say it’s our default setting. The energy of Beauty is our emotional nature and, as self-judgement, reflects our self-worth. What’s eternally True is Love, and our successive values of what’s True create our spiral Path to understanding true Love.

Q2: Ok, so how do we muck this all up?

A: Every energy on Earth has its roots planted in goodness. That means we are all good, but the friction caused by our disbelief of that creates a sense of failure, and depression.

Every soul in the Universe is beautiful, but our refusal to believe it about ourself, and our inability to appreciate the beauty that is outside ourself, creates predisposition to disease, and reduces our quality of life.

We all have evolved a true expression of the Divine, but when we cannot live up to the highest and best we can perceive, we develop rheumatic pain, which is a point of grief over what we believe is unattainable.

Q3: What helps us overcome our “buts,” so to speak?

A: When we trust in good we make healing decisions in things that surround us, which leads to a synthesis of dimensions Above and Below. When we believe in our beauty we build a healthy relationship with our Self, which leads to a synthesis of energy between ourself and others. When we have faith in what’s true our ideas become philosophies that lead to synthesis of our good and worthy intentions.

Q4: What planetary energies are involved?

A: The philosophers, who were also astrologers close to Spirit, related Mars to the action of Good, Venus to Earth’s Beauty, which is humanity, specifically you and I, and Mercury to the mind of True.

Stay tuned…