All in the family…

I have the below article framed in my office. It proudly resides in a shadow box that sits on a little black table in the corner off to the right of my computer desk. The box shares its space with various cards, dried orchid petals, a ceramic dragon and, it goes without saying, but I’ll say it anyway… a dragonfly! A colorful origami bird even nests atop the box. Get the picture?

This article is special to me because it was written twelve years ago by my daughter, Maggie, the summer after eighth grade, as an audition piece for our local paper’s Teens in the Newsroom program. As you can see, she was accepted, and she remained on the teen staff throughout all of high school and a bit beyond! She was the first person in the family to have a paid writing gig!

Now this article is doubly special to me because one of the student ambassadors whom Maggie interviewed was her brother, Andrew (see picture). At the time we hadn’t been made aware that she wasn’t supposed to submit a piece that included a family member, but good work is good work, so the article ran. Maggie got to share Andrew’s incredible experience, and I was able to commemorate a wonderful daughter/son memory!

The article is a bit blurry, but still very readable. The program’s motto of “Peace Through Understanding” drives this service-based organization in its endeavor to bring the world closer together. Spreading connection and understanding is a noble goal, and a daily reminder of that sits across from me in my office inspiring me to do the same.

At bat…

While some of my messages from the Universe have been very clear, there are others that remain quite garbled and murky. What gives? I might have guesses at overarching themes, but they are in no way specific. Even though I have pleaded for clarity many, many, many times (do not miss the emphasis on many), these communiqu├ęs have continued in pretty much the same packages.

I’ve had recurring dreams for quite a few years now where I am either substitute teaching or in my own classroom. No matter the circumstance, there’s always something chaotic happening that makes me feel out of control one way or another. The dreams are upsetting and, unfortunately, never resolve. Maybe they simply represent some of the turmoil between Personality and Soul / Chaos and Order.

Something else that happens is that I see zeros, ones, and fours in varying combinations. They flock to me mostly on digital clocks/watches/cell phones, but I’ve also noticed them on timers as well as right when I have paused the running time of a movie or show. I will innocently glance at something, pick any one of the above, and it will be 1:04 or 4:11 or 1:41 or 1:14 or 4:41 or…

Now, the one and only connection that I have made to this is that my birthday is October 4th, which is 10-4, which consists of these three numerals. But that’s all I’ve got. I don’t know anything else about it nor why I see it so darn frequently – and I mean just about daily! It used to frustrate me, but now I smile and treat it like a dragonfly sighting. “Hello Universe!” I say back.

Believe me when I tell you that beyond petitioning for clarity, I have also suggested that the messages be delivered in a different (more obvious to me) format so that I could have another go at them. These requests have seemingly been denied because the cycle continues unchanged. Maybe the Universe doesn’t feel too kindly about dumbing down its attempts!

Nonetheless, I am grateful for what I do figure out in my day-to-day life, grateful for how I continue to learn and grow and expand my awareness. My track record is pretty decent; yes, it’s got some balls and strikes, but it’s also got some base hits and homers. To carry on with the analogy, I think that the Universe just wants me to stay at bat, swinging at everything!


Early in my teaching career I went to a conference that presented a session on learning styles. The information made so much sense to me that I started to formally share it with parents. It also helped me understand certain dynamics at play between my husband and myself, opening up a whole new world on behavior and relationships.

Very simply, a visual person learns best by looking at images and is also one who has an excellent grasp of spatial understanding. An auditory person prefers sound as a way to learn, and can more easily remember what has been said. A kinesthetic person learns via the body, especially using/creating with the hands.

One of the ways that this information hit home at my parent meetings was when I asked how they preferred to get/give driving directions. I would inquire if they liked to look at a map (visual), have written directions that they could read aloud (auditory), or if they needed to draw or write out the directions (kinesthetic). As we dove further into the discussion, a smile of understanding never failed to light up each face.

We are a mixture of the styles, with one being more dominant. A giveaway of our primary style is that we use it in our language. Visuals say: “Do you see what I mean?” Auditories say: “Do you hear what I’m telling you?” Kinesthetics say: “Do you get/feel what I’m trying to say?” The words that come out of our mouths are very telling, indeed!

I shared this information with parents because I wanted them to understand that their children (like themselves and their spouses) had their own styles, and that the more they became aware of this, the better their communication with each other could be. In fact, I found it to be extremely helpful in my relationship with my husband.

My husband is very visual and I am, let’s just say, NOT! Early in our relationship he would become quite frustrated when he tried to describe something that he was planning to build (as in moving things around in space), and I couldn’t “see” it. Over time it made me feel like something was wrong with me and there were hurt feelings.

That teaching conference, however, changed everything. I came home armed with a new understanding of SELF – and solutions! Discussing the styles with my husband set us on a new course. And the easy fix for the spatial issues was to ask him to draw me pictures. How simple and pivotal that turned out to be!

So much goes into making each of us tick. As every new “aha” gets added to the puzzle of us, we need to keep up the search for more. More pieces mean more awareness, and our job is to keep figuring out how it all fits together!


I’ve seen this video a couple of times now, the most recent being early this morning. And since I had awakened still not knowing what I was meant to write for this post, I would say that the timing was (pardon me, but I can’t help myself) “heaven sent.” I do so appreciate it when I catch on to a nudge from the Universe!

The video is a very powerful example of positive self-talk. Evidently, though not shown here, there had just been a finger-pinching incident involving a door. Rightfully so, tears and a bit of indignation were involved. That darn door!

Mom starts off by having her little one take a deep breath, which, in and of itself, is stinkin’ cute (and a very valuable way to allow one’s energy to change course). Mom then asks her if she is ok, to which she says that she is. Then Mom has her repeat:

I’m ok.
I’m strong.
I’m beautiful.
I’m loved.
I’m worthy.

What a life lesson for us all to witness – and hopefully absorb! Pay attention to how her energy is transformed by the end. Look at her face and her body language, and then listen to what she says to her mom. A role model at two years old!

If you’ve already seen the video, watch it again. If you haven’t seen it, you’re in for a treat. Sorry about the ad and the news people, but that part goes quickly…


My mother passed away in December of 2018 at the age of 84. Today, August 8th, would have been her 87th birthday! I can’t believe that she’s be gone for nearly three years now, but even though she is greatly missed in the physical sense, I know that her energy is still here all around us – loving us, encouraging us, rooting for us.

She’s definitely been on our minds this past week. My daughter texted me last Sunday saying that she woke up thinking about her. Then at a dinner on Wednesday, we saluted her upcoming birthday. Then when my brother and I walked on Thursday, she sent a little cluster of dragonflies our way! (I usually attribute dragonflies to my brother, Brian, who passed in 2017, but my mother co-opts them from time to time for shout outs of her own.)

And to add even more emphasis to the week, Mom also referenced our home state of Indiana, twice! Once was by having me pay attention to the return address on a package from — wait for it — Indianapolis, and then just a day later she had me staring at an Indiana license plate, on a semi-truck, no less, which was stopped right in front of me!

Mom must have been only 18 or 19 years old here. Dad was maybe 20. He passed in 2004.

Mom also came through at the aura reading I had last month. The reader saw angel wings behind me and asked if I had been thinking about someone who had passed. I brought up my mom since her bday was near. So we asked her to come forward and show the color green on the screen (green because it was not already on the screen, plus it was her favorite color). Within several seconds, I kid you not, green appeared!

It’s so wonderful to recognize these little winks from above, because love is truly what makes the Universe go round. We are here to work its magic. Look for it, reach for it, and expect to find it.

“It’s the truth of who you are
On the inside and the out.
Love is what you’re made of,
And love is what life is all about.”

Happy Birthday, Mom!


I have always been a doer. And I like to follow through. And I like to tie things off. I also like to think that I can know how things are going to play out, because most things actually do turn out pretty decently for me – most of the time. With hard work and careful planning results ought to be just about what I think they’re going to be, right? Maybe.

I have been learning that maybe is the truest answer there is to the question above, because we really never know how something is meant to turn out. We think we know the result we would like to have, but since we are only responsible for our side of the equation, that leaves the other side wide open for possibility!

Consider the flash about my book series. I had really thought that because it was so incredibly specific with the name of the series, the first two lines of the first book, that it would be written in rhyme scheme – yada, yada – that I would be headed for success with fantastic book sales. I mean, the Universe spoke to me; It wanted these books out there! They are about the energy of love, for goodness sake! What else was I supposed to think?

With the first two books I was constantly checking on sales. With this last book, however, I’ve just learned to let that be. Now it’s a total surprise when I get royalty deposits as I rarely look at my book account info anymore. (I am still inquiring about reviews, however, because it falls to me to promote my books. And stay tuned because there might be one in the works!)

Anyway, great books sales was an assumption that I had made. And who am I to say what the Universe had in mind for this series other than I was to write and publish it? Maybe that was all that was meant to happen. Maybe just that. Getting these books to print has been a huge accomplishment for me, and in and of itself, that certainly measures as a success.

Lisa + energy of love books = possibility.
That’s a pretty great equation all on its own.
Maybe there’s more in store.

Call and response…

I was recently told that one of the ways that I meditate is through my writing, which made complete and total sense to me. In the past when someone has asked me if I meditate, I have always said, “Not in the traditional sense,” because I don’t know how else to explain what it is that I do. I have n-e-v-e-r been able to get through a guided meditation, e-v-e-r, or any kind of steps-from-a-book scenario, for that matter.

When I write, however, especially when I’m working on a new book idea, or even this blog, I can truly get lost in time and space. Hours can go by without my notice, and then I’ll check the clock and wonder how I could have possibly missed something like lunch. I mean to take breaks, but it’s like I’m here and not here at the same time, being thoroughly absorbed in the process. Voila, meditation!

I applaud those who can meditate “in the traditional sense,” because it’s great to find a system that works for you. Do you know how many years, though, that I’ve thought something was wrong with me? I got tired of lamenting, “Why can so many others do this, and I can’t?” By comparing myself, and not thinking outside the box, I completely slowed the discovery of what I could do because I had been so focused on what I couldn’t!

If you’ve read many of my prior posts, then you know that I get flashes. I consider these little glimpses of information to also be a type of meditation, but kind of backwards from the norm. Within traditional methods, you learn to still yourself by getting comfortable and quiet, perhaps inhaling and exhaling to a certain count, which then hopefully propels you into a deeper awareness. Well, my flashes come to me, which is the backwards part I mentioned.

I believe that meditation is magnetic, part of the universe’s Call and Response structure. My flashes are prompted by conversations, by wonderings, by lists that I write – stuff that’s floating around in my head one way or another – and it’s just a different way to connect in. The most unique experience I’ve had, which I like to call The Great Flash of ’19, was when I was given the mandate to write my book series! It came because I had asked the universe how I was supposed to serve.

I guess the moral of this story is to not get stuck on having to do things a certain, prescribed way. Nothing is ever truly one-size-fits-all. Since I was a child, I have marched to the beat of my own drum, so I should not at all be surprised that I come up with my own singular sound. Get out of your head to discover what makes you tick by looking beyond what others have created. Definitely use their works to see where you stand and then expand from there, because there’s so much more to YOU than what anyone else can define!

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Layer after layer…

I had an aura reading yesterday and was reminded of just how much is actually “going on” around us all of the time. Whatever I think I’ve learned about energy through the years, this experience has definitely put it into a proper, humbling perspective. How extraordinary that this can be captured by placing one’s hand on a little machine.

While this photo represents but a single moment from my session, the monitor remained completely alive with colors, shapes and images that continually fluctuated right before my eyes. My fifteen minutes went by quickly, but it was a rapid-fire reading with an incredible amount of information that came through. My angel dog’s face even showed up!

We have multiple layers in our auras that can carry energies of the past and present while also pointing to possibilities for the future. With that in mind, it would certainly make sense to want to learn how to keep them – the layers – in the best shape possible. The outside influences the inside and vice versa. (Did you know that an illness shows up first in your aura before it reaches your physical body?)

Energy Medicine pioneer, Donna Eden, has defined seven fields (and even bands within fields!) in the human aura. Here’s a quickie list:

  • The Etheric Field – sits closest to the body and serves as its blueprint.
  • The Protective Band – acts as a buffer for the etheric.
  • The Thought/Feeling Field – contains thoughts, feelings and emotions.
  • The Morphic Field – maintains established patterns and habits.
  • The Celestial Field – connects to the wisdom of the cosmos.
  • The Celtic Weave – weaves through all of the body’s energies.
  • The Life Color – represents this lifetime’s lessons.

Below is a link to a simple energy technique that was designed to strengthen the aura. Donna demonstrates it with her two daughters. Give it a try; working with the aura is beneficial to all of the body’s energy systems.

Different strokes…

I had a reflexology appointment recently and was talking with the massage therapist afterward. I had asked her about an area on the bottom of my left foot that can get a little crampy from time to time. She told me what it related to but that it could mean different things.

Of course it can mean different things! Sometimes I don’t appreciate that answer, but it’s truly the only one there is. There is no one size fits all for anything. Clothes, medicines, diets, exercise programs, hair styles, philosophies, entertainment, etc. Life is a smorgasbord with enough selection for everyone, and we have to ultimately figure out what’s going to work for us.

I assumed that my late-in-the-day appointment was probably her last because we kept talking! The conversation quickly turned to our energy backgrounds involving a mention of meditation and how, for the both of us, it had never been our thing.

I had read books about meditation decades ago, and, for the life of me, could not create the scenarios intended by the authors. See yourself in the middle of a beautiful field. Nope! It was very frustrating, and I had always assumed that I was the problem. It took a long, long time for me to realize that I just didn’t meditate that way.

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We can become very discouraged when someone else’s recipe for success isn’t successful for us, especially when that someone is a well-known leader in a specific field – and has tons of positive testimonials to boot! We think that we must be doing something wrong rather than recognize that a certain program just might not be right for us.

Meditation has many purposes, and I had originally approached it as a way to expand my awareness into higher realms. Funnily enough, I have come to understand that every time I get a feeling about something or a flash of insight – that is a kind of meditating. Instead of getting quiet and centered with a breathing technique to set the stage for such an experience, however, it can happen on its own when I am contemplating something.

We need to stop comparing ourselves to an ideal set by someone else. From time to time, something really might work for us, and that’s great, but different strokes for different folks. Long story long…I’ve always meditated but didn’t know it.

The math…

I never seem to remember how old I am. I know that I’m in my fifties, but unless I do the math, I kinda forget. I’ve always been a forward-thinking person, so the past is not as present in my mind, if you know what I mean. But with a 40th high school reunion coming up in a few months, Memory Lane is going to get a major reboot!

The reunion committee asked for a color copy of our senior portrait for a slideshow, so I had to go on a hunt. Where would that be? Boxed in the garage? Nope, checked everything there. In a forgotten box that’s on my office floor behind a chair? Yep, and the last place I looked!

While I was foraging for said senior pic, I found a handwriting analysis that I had ordered four years after high school. It was from Parade Magazine. Remember how that used to come as an insert in the Sunday newspaper?

It was actually fun to read “the report” after having not seen it for many years. A lot of life has been lived since then. I hope that I’ve at least been able to smooth out many of my rougher edges. (There was also a numerology profile, but I will save that for another time!)

Not sure what others who know me would think about all of this, but here’s my take on it:

It starts off by saying that I have good manners. I have always tried to be polite to people, and I’m the type who picks up something off of the floor at the store and puts it back where it belongs. Maybe these count?

It says that I have a great ability to cope, which I believe that I do, but that I tend to be discouraged and even show some signs of depression. Hmm… It would take a lot for me to get truly discouraged or depressed, but I would say that I can definitely get frustrated, fired up, angry, hurt, peeved, etc., before correcting whatever the situation may be. (Cursing may be involved, just so you know!)

It says that I have an intensity that makes me want to leap into the thick of things at all times, that I’m uneasy about observing and need to participate. Ha! Maybe in another lifetime! I’ve alway been the one sitting in the back of the room waiting until I have the measure of things before I choose to take part.

It says that I have an intuitive intelligence that permits me to solve problems, make decisions or follow a course of action with no apparent rational or logical grounds. In other words, yes, I follow my gut! And this section ended by saying that I am, in fact, guided by a subconscious logical process, which is the nicest thing that anyone could ever say to me!

The report goes on to say that I have respect for others (definitely, unless the person teaches me otherwise), that I manage to maintain my self-control (mostly), that I am an active, efficient, capable person (pretty much), and that my tendency for rebelliousness is 20% more than the average person (I have always marched to the beat of my own drum).

It’s definitely good to look back every so often instead of always ahead. Knowing how far you’ve come is a very important part of growing. This reunion is going to be good for me in more ways that one. I’ll just have to make sure that I don’t park myself in the back corner for too long!