Happy birthday scorpio…

Scorpio, which weaves it way through the zodiac from approximately October 22 to November 21, is going to start us off on a year-long trek diving more personally into the realm of Transcendental Astrology. Janae will share her insights into its inner workings as she travels through each sign month by month.

If you were born on a day close to the early 20s of either October or November you might need a birth chart to confirm your ‘sign.’ Charts are available many places on the internet, most come without charge.

Over centuries of time Scorpio has had really bad press. I’ve listened to many people woe-is-me over the misery they feel has been brought into their lives by their birth date, so if this is your birth sign I want to share some of the more esoteric energies of Scorpio, hoping you’ll come away feeling honored by your Scorpio opportunity.

I cannot deny that Scorpio, a water sign and complex trinity energy, is challenging. Trinity signs are an intermediary synthesis of Good, Beauty and True. In Scorpio, for all of us, it’s a yearly review of our sense of Beauty. Scorpio’s three stages of growth are known as the land-Scorpion, the air-Eagle, and the fire-Phoenix. Its energy bubbles up from within our core and forces itself out into a world it never really understands. Therefore, the key to the joy of being Scorpio is self-understanding. Let’s begin there.

In Transcendental Astrology, Scorpio vibrates to Beauty, and we know that Beauty comes from Within. We begin to appreciate our Scorpio Beauty when we’re in touch with our Inner life. That’s quite a challenge when we’re in our scorpion stage because it is almost entirely played out in the social world. The scorpion is a very defensive land animal by nature. It is an emotional energy and when it doesn’t understand the land it’s defending, it struggles to feel worthy.

If this isn’t our first Scorpio lifetime we have probably gained the grace that allows us to share our Beauty, to open our hearts, to feel worthy of our own love. This is the transition where we gain wings and our Eagle takes flight over the land it once challenged for control. The proud Scorpio Eagle is aware of itself and because it is learning to feel worthy, it loves the land and all who live there. It shows respect for the family of man. It embraces brotherhood and steps forward to make a heart-felt difference. When it understands its Beauty and thinks of itself as Love, the Eagle is preparing to transform into the Phoenix.

And now Scorpio Beauty is facing its strongest challenge. It is being asked to demonstrate accomplishment of Good action and realize the True power of Love. As the Phoenix, it is being asked to break from all that holds it to the land so that it can rise into its proper place in Spirit. This is the energy it has always sensed. This is the mind-heart Beauty of Scorpio, where Scorpio knows it has come home.

We move on to Sagittarius next month.


This picture was taken over four years ago, a couple of weeks before our dog was put to sleep. His name was Gunner, but we called him Puppy or Mr. Puppy or even G-Dawg. My husband found him one evening outside of a neighborhood grocery store where, we came to find out, earlier in the day a family had been giving away a litter of pups. We think that someone must have brought him back. He was about nine weeks old.

Fast forward seven years when we brought him to the vet because he’d had a limp that wouldn’t seemingly go away. At first she thought that he may have torn a ligament, but it turned out that he had a cancerous tumor in one of his back legs for which there was no treatment. We had hoped we would have up to a year more with him, but he spiraled down very quickly.

In his last months he would come up to me laying his head on my legs and stare into my eyes, exactly like in the photo above. He would sit or lay at my feet, silently communicating with such depth and love in his eyes. I think he knew that he didn’t have much longer on this earth, and he’d just wanted to be very present with me.

Those eyes held such knowing, and time seemed to stand still when he came to me in this way. It melted my heart because it was as if he were saying hello and goodbye all at once. Over and over, that gaze held the essence of life within it, which I can still remember so vividly. Pure, undeniable love is the gift that he gave me in those moments, and I was blessed to share them with him.


I saw this mural on a wall in Sayulita, Mexico several years ago. We had been staying in Puerto Vallarta and wanted to go to this little beach town not too far away because my son had lived there for a while and wanted to show us around.

This place is a mecca for surfers from all over. It definitely has a hippie-type granola vibe, but it is also very quaint in its own way. It has a tree which houses giant iguanas. We must have spied five or six up in its branches. I have pictures to prove it, too.

There were cute little walk up coffee shops and open air restaurants. There was plenty of jewelry and clothes and crafts for sale on the sidewalks. And besides the lure of all kinds of water sports, they even had a couple of places that offered Reiki sessions.

The town remained much the same from when my son had been there though streets, previously dirt roads, were starting to get paved. Sayulita was getting more attention as it was becoming more popular amongst tourists. I hope that it keeps its lovely, unique, surfer energy. This world needs all of the happies it can get!

Get grounded…

I’ve just taught a class in my community about grounding energy. The information comes from my Eden Energy Medicine days, which I still love to share. I thought you might like to read about how easily we can become ungrounded and then try a few simple techniques that can help you set yourself to rights again.

A mini class for you:

Any kind of stress to your system can potentially “unground” you because it can cause your energies to become unbalanced. When you are carrying too big a load at home, work or school, or you are very worried about something or someone, or you’ve had a shock, you can lose your energetic footing and feel off kilter. Stress affects your blood flow, your blood pressure, your breathing, your ability to think clearly, etc., which all affect your connection to the earth and to yourself. The following grounding exercises can help you to feel calm, better integrated and balanced.

Worry Points
Tap cheekbones directly under the eyes while breathing slowly in through the nose and out through the mouth. These are “worry points” on Stomach meridian. If you are worried, you become ungrounded. This tapping energy goes all of the way down into the earth and hooks your energy back in.

Triple Warmer and Spleen Balancer
a. Wrap your left hand around your right arm, just above the elbow.
b. Wrap your right arm around the left side of your body, underneath the breast.
c. Hold for three slow deep breaths, in through your nose and our through your mouth.
d. Reverse to your other side and hold for three deep breaths.

Blood Pressure Balancer
a. Place arms straight out to your sides with palms up.
b. Breath in while raising your hands slowly above your head, stretching each side.
c. Release your breath as you turn palms face down, slowly lowering arms back to your sides

There you have it. Repeat exercises as often as you’d like. I hope they help.


My mother passed away almost four years ago. I think of her often and miss being able to talk to her. I have things of hers in my home like these buttons that mean a lot to me, little things that keep her energy with me. It’s nice to have them along with my memories.

Mom made all of my clothes when I was young, and she taught me how to sew. We had a chest of drawers in our hallway that was full of everything needed for sewing. I would look through all of the drawers, because it was like there was treasure in each one. I remember there were jars full of buttons like these, in every color, shape and size.

My mom liked to whistle, especially when she was in the kitchen. I’m not normally much of a whistler, but I find myself doing it every once in a while. I just did it last week when I was working in the yard. I’m not conscious that I’m even doing it, but then I realize I’m doing it, and then I smile and think of her. It catches me off guard, but in the nicest way.

Mom also knew her family history. She could go back generations and keep you riveted with her retellings. She made these people come alive, and I wish I had paid better attention, because I’m afraid that most of this information has been lost with her. I do have some of her genealogy, though, for which I am grateful.

My daughter and I were very recently talking about my mom, about my whistling and other things we remember about her. I think about what reminds me of my mother and I wonder what reminds my daughter of me. What has she already “inherited” that she might not be aware of yet. Hopefully it will surprise her when she comes across it, and it will catch her off guard in the nicest way!

The bottom line…

We have circled the calendar since our first astrology post last year in October. Through the months Janae has introduced the transcendental energies of Good, Beauty and True, sharing that love is the fundamental process of human expansion on Earth. This month she speaks of purpose and service.

At one time or another every one of us has wondered what our purpose may be for this lifetime. Some people have told me they even worry about it, in the sense of wanting to fulfill their responsibility. So what do I know about that?

During one of my energy work sessions with a very spiritually dedicated gentleman who asked this question, he was told, “You know everything. Now, let your heart direct your mind, and Serve Earth.” That sounds to me like a bottom line. Again, what do I know about that? I know there’s always a process.

The first (personality) part of our Path is directed by the Buddha’s teaching to Be Kind. That sounds like a purpose to me. I’ve never thought our purpose as the job we’ve chosen to do because no matter our commercial occupation, we can do it well and Be Kind. They are not mutually exclusive.

In the second (soul) part of our Path we are directed to Love One Another by the Christ consciousness. It feels to me that in the process, Love follows Kindness. I wonder: How can indifference or unkindness precede love? I don’t think it can. Alchemy cannot exist there. But it’s not uncommon to be hassled or beaten or killed in the name of love. Go figure.

Perhaps if we could experience love and kindness in childhood, they could be known as the action of Good and our Beauty (optimism, dignity, strength) could remain intact. But our Earth path is a learning process and our emotional challenges, from childhood onward, are what drive us until we can come to terms with our resistances and move beyond the trappings of personality.

Once we know the ‘everything’ we need to know (which I believe is at a different depth for each person), it seems probable that “let your heart direct your mind, and Serve Earth” is reasonably the next step in the process.

Kindness + Love = Service

How do we serve Earth? I think healing something is a good place to begin. I can’t think of anything on Earth that can’t be made better by Good, Kind, Loving action.


This sticker of canine wisdom has graced one of my office bulletin boards for years now. It’s in the “doggie corner” alongside pics of our pup from long ago. Cloud Star has the right of it with this saying on their boxes of dog treats, the sentiment simple and profound.

It really doesn’t need anything more said about it. Though cute and catchy, its depth of meaning goes beyond brilliant marketing and life hacks. When you read it, you know exactly what it’s saying, and you know that it’s exactly what you should be doing. It’s pure genius.

Get wagging.

Wisdom in a box of dog treats!

The beach…

These are my feet that relaxed and had such a great time on that vacation. Just about daily they walked down to the beach on the other side of that hedge and played hide and seek with the waves. They splashed and frolicked and then made many trips down to the point.

I keep this photo on the counter in my bathroom. It is a reminder for me to take a breath and unwind. It is very helpful because I find that there are many times that I don’t even realize that I am a bit tense. It’s amazing how quickly I can transform my energy by taking myself back to those carefree days. I’m already yawning (releasing) just thinking about it!

We can alter our body’s chemistry in a positive way by choosing to focus on anything that brings us peace. Besides a visual reference like mine, we might smell a certain fragrance or taste a favorite recipe or love on our beloved pets or share stories that make us smile. Anything we deem to be good can do the trick.

And to extend that sense of calm that’s been created, you can take your middle finger and tap softly between your eyebrows for several seconds while breathing gently in through your nose and out through your mouth. This simple action signals your nervous system that “this” is a feeling you would like to spread throughout your body. It allows the beach to stay with me lots longer!

Their story…

This is one of my favorite pictures of my daughter and my husband. It resides proudly on his bulletin board with other treasured mementos. I took it upon leaving a Home Depot a few years ago after we had moved her to a new city for a new job. I can’t even remember now what he was going to do for her, but here he was about to do something!

My daughter has grown up with a dad who can pretty much fix anything, build anything. When she was young, she always said that he was going to build her a house or maybe renovate one if that’s what it needed. It’s such a sweet idea that’s been part of their story for a long time.

Even though the housing market has been nuts for quite a while, occasionally my daughter and husband will find possible homes for her and talk about what they could do to fix them up. Since my husband would do most of the work, their conversations can get very specific. They have talked about things like taking out walls, replacing cabinetry, or even adding on a room – all par for the course!

We will see what happens, but I do know that when my daughter does purchase her first home, her dad is going to be right there, tools at the ready. This scenario has woven itself so much into their history that it is nothing less than a forgone conclusion, the magic of time and space merging and fulfilling its promise.

Zodiac, part three…

This month Janae completes her tour through the constellations explaining that opposite energies play a big role in leading us to love.

If you’ve become aware of your energy you may have grown closer to your duality, which is a soul challenge most people don’t know about.

In soul astrology, our Sun sign works in tandem with our Earth sign which is located directly opposite our Sun. Our Sun sign and Earth sign connection is called our soul’s Pair of Opposites. Here’s the list of all six pairs:

Aries & Libra
Taurus & Scorpio
Gemini & Sagittarius
Cancer & Capricorn
Leo & Aquarius
Virgo & Pisces

If you’re curious about whether you are a singular or a duality, go with your intuition. Most people who are interested in Transcendental Astrology will be working on their duality, but our singular personality is part of our foundation energy and bringing it into a bit more clarity will always be important in our life.

Our life experiences in every zodiac sign establish memories that help us gain insight into our Wholeness as our Journey progresses. Those memories vibrate in our soul as the emotions of past lives. Our soul intention brings opportunity for us to work through our subtle emotional karma by dealing with our opposite energy. This teaches us to open our senses of trust, cooperation, and kindness. And patience. Working with opposites clearly improves our patience! Take a moment to discover how opposites work in your life:

ARIES – LIBRA: Work to secure an Inner Life Within our Outer Life.

TAURUS – SCORPIO: Wonder how To Have & To Not Have in equal measure.

GEMINI – SAGITTARUIS: Consider Options & Focus on Issues at the same time.

CANCER – CAPRICORN: Choose to wed Sensitivity with Structure.

LEO – AQUARIUS: Maintain Self-Interest & Group-Interest simultaneously.

VIRGO – PISCES: Evaluate opposites of Tough Love & Compassionate Love.

If you don’t connect with my words, choose words of your own to describe your progress through your singular sun sign into your pair of opposites. I’ve set a pattern to show you that every sun sign moves our consciousness from a point of self interest, to group participation, to world service. I feel that if we can figure out where we are and can be pointed to where we are going, we’ll have a smoother journey to what love in Earth actually means.

Until next month.