Into the light…

I believe that the energy of love comes from a spark of universal light that lives inside of us. I don’t think, though, that we fully comprehend the huge role that light actually plays in our awareness until we recognize how we relate to it with language. (I have to imagine that this is so with all languages, but I can only speak to my experience with English.)

Here’s my starting list. I’m sure you can add to it:

* When we finally understand something, we see the light.
* An issue is brought to light when it’s out in the open.
* Upon getting through a tough time, we see the light at the end of the tunnel.
* If we get too serious, we need to lighten up.
* A light bulb turns on when we have an aha moment.
* We can see something differently in a new light.
* Our eyes light up when we’re happy or excited.
* Someone’s energy can light up a whole room.
* When we like something, we take a shine to it.
* Rise and shine is a way to start our day.
* Someone really good at something is a shining example.
* To stay positive we need to look on the bright side.
* Someone doing really well in school may have a bright future.
* A good idea is a bright idea.
* Someone with happy energy is bright-eyed.
* Someone who is happy or satisfied has a glow.
* Someone with great energy sparkles.
* Let there be light. (A very famous reference.)
* This little light of mine… (A very famous lyric.)

Songs, poetry, and stories symbolize light in all kinds of ways via lamps, lanterns, candles, lighthouses, stars, galaxies, rainbows… It is reflective of clarity, understanding, consciousness, etc. Angels are said to be beings of light. The sun gives life to our planet.

Even though these saying and phrases all point to light as being positive, powerful and profound, it’s because we’ve heard them over and over that they’ve lost their true significance in our lives. We need to give light its mojo back, and we need to believe in the mojo that is our inner light!

In “night sky” I wrote:

We are the love of all that is.
We are rays of pure light.
We are here to shine, shine, shine –
To inspire, to bring together, to burn bright.


More to the story…

We have to go back many years before “the flash” to understand how the Universe lined this all up for me, because this recipe’s been simmering for decades. Ingredients from here and there were added along the way at just the right times and in just the right amounts and were then seasoned to taste.

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For example, when I was an elementary school teacher, I loved reading to my students as well as to my own two children. Singing, rhyming and word games were a natural part of my day whether in the classroom or with my kids – in the car, walking through a store, or at home. You get the idea.

I have also always been interested in metaphysics and began reading books on the subject after high school. Fast forward two-and-a-half decades to 2007 when I joined a local metaphysical group that studied the works of Alice A. Bailey, theosophy, and the like. It was through this group that I learned about Donna Eden.

In February of 2010 I read Donna’s book, Energy Medicine. I was hooked and signed up for a 5-day introductory course for her program which was held in San Diego that fall. By the next spring I was enrolled in Foundations classes in Phoenix which led to two more years of studies there to become an Eden Energy Medicine Clinical Practitioner. Yep, hooked!

Kids, teaching, rhyming, metaphysics, energy medicine, life… You catching on? The universe had me right where it wanted me – soaking up flavors! The idea for a book series about the energy of love had been simmering for a long time, and that flash brought it into reality.

I sent Donna a copy of “love-light” when it came out just about exactly one year ago because she is acknowledged in it as being one of my energy teachers. This was her response…

Dear Lisa,

Thank you so much for the gift of your book. It is precious. And I hope that it spreads far and goes into the hands of children and adults everywhere, as it is a very healing book and an educational one, too.

My second book “night sky” is on its way to her now and should be in her hands very soon. Stay tuned.

But that’s not all there is, right? I mean “write!” There’s always more to the story…

So, here’s the story…

I talk to the universe a lot, pretty much everyday. I often get insights about something I’m pondering, but on this particular day it went way beyond that!

On January 2, 2019, exactly one month after my mother passed away (and roughly six months after we lost our dog), I was walking through the house thinking about space and about how there was going to be more of it in my life because of these losses. For several days I had been sensing that something new was brewing, but I didn’t know what it could be.

As I continued on I had the thought to ask the universe how I was supposed to serve with whatever was going to come into the space. That seemed to be the million dollar question, because within a short amount of time I got a very specific answer. In a flash I was “told” that I was going to write a children’s book series about the energy of love, the name of the series, that it would be in rhyme scheme, the first two lines of the first book, and who the illustrator was meant to be. Yowza!

The name of the series:

Did You Know?

The first two lines of the first book:

Did you know that when you say hi to the sky,
You are really saying hi to yourself?
You are made of the sun and the stars
And so much wonderful else!

The illustrator:

Her name is Stephanie Rosas, and she happens to be my son’s girlfriend. (In the flash I saw the painting of my dog that Stephanie had given me for my birthday a few months before. As you can see, just as the universe had intended, she was perfect for my books!)

And here we are nearly two years later with two books published and the third one already written and illustrated! There’s more to the story, though, so you’ll have to come back soon for a longer chat…

Did You Know?: love-light

This is the first book in my Did You Know? series which came out in December of 2019. Its fun rhyme scheme pattern and sweet illustrations invite readers to discover how to use their own inner sparkle to lovingly and proactively meet life’s ups and downs. Wonderful for the whole family. Two simple energy exercises provided.

Check out my blog post “So, here’s the story…” to see how it all began!

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Connect with Illustrator Stephanie Rosas:

Did You Know?: night sky

The second book in my series is “night sky” which introduces readers to the idea that we are all made of the same magical, wonderful, loving energy as the universe! A story for the whole family. Two energy exercises provided.

“That special spark that we have within

Radiates with cosmic creativity.

It’s infused with the wisdom of the universe

And from it comes YOU and comes ME!”

Check out my blog post “So, here’s the story…” to discover how this series even began!

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