Layer after layer…

I had an aura reading yesterday and was reminded of just how much is actually “going on” around us all of the time. Whatever I think I’ve learned about energy through the years, this experience has definitely put it into a proper, humbling perspective. How extraordinary that this can be captured by placing one’s hand on a little machine.

While this photo represents but a single moment from my session, the monitor remained completely alive with colors, shapes and images that continually fluctuated right before my eyes. My fifteen minutes went by quickly, but it was a rapid-fire reading with an incredible amount of information that came through. My angel dog’s face even showed up!

We have multiple layers in our auras that can carry energies of the past and present while also pointing to possibilities for the future. With that in mind, it would certainly make sense to want to learn how to keep them – the layers – in the best shape possible. The outside influences the inside and vice versa. (Did you know that an illness shows up first in your aura before it reaches your physical body?)

Energy Medicine pioneer, Donna Eden, has defined seven fields (and even bands within fields!) in the human aura. Here’s a quickie list:

  • The Etheric Field – sits closest to the body and serves as its blueprint.
  • The Protective Band – acts as a buffer for the etheric.
  • The Thought/Feeling Field – contains thoughts, feelings and emotions.
  • The Morphic Field – maintains established patterns and habits.
  • The Celestial Field – connects to the wisdom of the cosmos.
  • The Celtic Weave – weaves through all of the body’s energies.
  • The Life Color – represents this lifetime’s lessons.

Below is a link to a simple energy technique that was designed to strengthen the aura. Donna demonstrates it with her two daughters. Give it a try; working with the aura is beneficial to all of the body’s energy systems.

Published by Lisa White

I am a former elementary school teacher, self-avowed word nerd, student of esoteric philosophy, energy medicine practitioner, questioner, wonderer, and lover of early-morning walks.

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