The cop and the crypt…

This month Janae delves more deeply into the workings of Transcendental Astrology by introducing a new set of characters into the mix.

Here’s her explanation:

Sorry for that bit of fun, but it’s a title I think we’ll not forget. The cop in our chart is Saturn and the crypt in my title is Jupiter. Let me explain…

We’ve covered Mars, Venus and Mercury, which are the Transcendental planets that work with us Above, and Sun, Moon and Earth, which are the Identity planets that govern our individual lives Below. Now we address Saturn and Jupiter, the two planets that align the process.

Saturn has a bad cop reputation. In most of astrology he’s considered the block to our happiness, barrier to our success. He’s the deflater of dreams, our ring-pass-not, and even the energy of St. Peter, who blocks our progress through the Gates to Heaven. His name might even be synonymous with Satan, who at the very least is sometimes considered his cohort.

As we mature into broader thought, we discover Saturn to be the good cop; he’s our protector. He blocks the way into depths of energy we can’t yet understand. He protects us from misinterpreting what we may discover before our time of need. He’s the one who sends us back if we stray into a near death experience; and he’s the one who ushers us through when it’s the real thing. We really have to start thinking of him as our friend because when we’re ready he open the Gates to Beyond, whatever we envision that to be.

Jupiter, on the other hand, is our lucky charm. He shows us where harmony has been earned in our life. He’s a repository of our successes, the vault in which we store our accomplishments. He’s the crypt. Get it? Ever wonder why we catch on to, or shy away from, complicated emotions before they evolve into disasters? It’s as if we already know where the lesson is going to lead us. That’s Jupiter reminding us we don’t have to repeat what we already know. Jupiter, in this sense, represents our well-finished business.

As they become energies of Soul, Saturn and Jupiter work as a team to protect us from wandering into situations that may become karmic, as well as helping us heal from situations that already have. It’s our job to listen to their voices, to recognize and accept what we already know.

Until next month…

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I am a former elementary school teacher, self-avowed word nerd, student of esoteric philosophy, energy medicine practitioner, questioner, wonderer, and lover of early-morning walks.

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