Happy birthday scorpio…

Scorpio, which weaves it way through the zodiac from approximately October 22 to November 21, is going to start us off on a year-long trek diving more personally into the realm of Transcendental Astrology. Janae will share her insights into its inner workings as she travels through each sign month by month.

If you were born on a day close to the early 20s of either October or November you might need a birth chart to confirm your ‘sign.’ Charts are available many places on the internet, most come without charge.

Over centuries of time Scorpio has had really bad press. I’ve listened to many people woe-is-me over the misery they feel has been brought into their lives by their birth date, so if this is your birth sign I want to share some of the more esoteric energies of Scorpio, hoping you’ll come away feeling honored by your Scorpio opportunity.

I cannot deny that Scorpio, a water sign and complex trinity energy, is challenging. Trinity signs are an intermediary synthesis of Good, Beauty and True. In Scorpio, for all of us, it’s a yearly review of our sense of Beauty. Scorpio’s three stages of growth are known as the land-Scorpion, the air-Eagle, and the fire-Phoenix. Its energy bubbles up from within our core and forces itself out into a world it never really understands. Therefore, the key to the joy of being Scorpio is self-understanding. Let’s begin there.

In Transcendental Astrology, Scorpio vibrates to Beauty, and we know that Beauty comes from Within. We begin to appreciate our Scorpio Beauty when we’re in touch with our Inner life. That’s quite a challenge when we’re in our scorpion stage because it is almost entirely played out in the social world. The scorpion is a very defensive land animal by nature. It is an emotional energy and when it doesn’t understand the land it’s defending, it struggles to feel worthy.

If this isn’t our first Scorpio lifetime we have probably gained the grace that allows us to share our Beauty, to open our hearts, to feel worthy of our own love. This is the transition where we gain wings and our Eagle takes flight over the land it once challenged for control. The proud Scorpio Eagle is aware of itself and because it is learning to feel worthy, it loves the land and all who live there. It shows respect for the family of man. It embraces brotherhood and steps forward to make a heart-felt difference. When it understands its Beauty and thinks of itself as Love, the Eagle is preparing to transform into the Phoenix.

And now Scorpio Beauty is facing its strongest challenge. It is being asked to demonstrate accomplishment of Good action and realize the True power of Love. As the Phoenix, it is being asked to break from all that holds it to the land so that it can rise into its proper place in Spirit. This is the energy it has always sensed. This is the mind-heart Beauty of Scorpio, where Scorpio knows it has come home.

We move on to Sagittarius next month.

Published by Lisa White

I am a former elementary school teacher, self-avowed word nerd, student of esoteric philosophy, energy medicine practitioner, questioner, wonderer, and lover of early-morning walks.

4 thoughts on “Happy birthday scorpio…

  1. Hi Lisa, my sister was a Scorpio and she was the most loving and kind person l ever knew. She could let you have it if you stepped out of line. She passed a few years ago and I miss her everyday. I hope the class went well today sorry l missed it as we are in Nashville see you when we get back. Thanks again for your words.


    1. Hi Christine!
      This post is all Janae. You got to feel the deep love from your sister that Scorpio has to offer. You as Sagittarius are next up! Hope you’ve enjoyed your trip. I’m gone in December, so I’ll see you in January.


  2. My late husband was born on this day and would have been 62. I’m so glad I opened this post as it brings a lot of smiles to me while I reminisce about his beautiful life, and celebrate his soul. Thank you Janae.


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