Happy birthday aquarius…

This month we celebrate the sign of Aquarius, which radiates its energy to us from approximately January 21st to February 21st. Read on as Janae explains how the challenges of mind can morph into a path of love.

Aquarius is a dual sign of the air element. Strangely, its glyph is said to depict two flowing streams of water, yet air and water are not compatible elements and I believe the glyph likely depicts the peaks and valleys of creative minds that constantly search for a place to roost. Nobody can really explain the whimsey of Aquarius, but I think we all should appreciate what she is challenged with.

Air-mind energy jumps from idea to idea. The air-stream glyph shows continuous movement of two mind energies jumping from down point to up point to down point and back up again. Continually. This, I believe, is her first duality.

The lower zig-zag represents the movement of her foundation energy. It’s all about tradition, family values, obeying the rules of conventional life. She lives within boundaries everywhere she turns. She’s gracious about it up to a point (no pun intended). In her foundation energy Aquarius has a difficult time identifying herself with any one part of society. She sees Beauty everywhere, and is more likely to be whomever we need her to be. At heart Aquarius is all about everybody. Some parts of society might think of her as the quintessential groupie, but up close we learn that she’s all about love.

When she catches the upper airstream she breaks out of the orthodox thinking to become an artistic revolutionary, slinging herself out beyond boundaries, carving her own path through the dense underbrush of commonplace. In this higher point of view she develops a conscious desire to respond to her own Beauty and reaches out beyond her self interests to the interests of the creative group that gathers around her. In this process her second duality appears as Leo, her opposite energy. As she draws in the out-going fire-flashing bravado of her confident soul-mate, she develops a sense of wholeness. Together they expand to find their mutual ability to serve love.

It may seem that the two air streams of Aquarius are trying to break apart rather than pull themselves together and I think both are happening. As one who loves everybody, and sees Beauty everywhere she goes, Aquarius has a hard time taking sides so it becomes our job to love her back wherever we find her. In spirit consciousness, Aquarius will lead the way into the harmony of togetherness within humankind. Let’s make it easy for her.

Earth is entering the Age of Aquarius. Although the New Age is most likely to end up in harmonious relationships and love of Earth, every change in Age begins with a bumpy road that affects every kingdom from the elementals of air, earth, fire and water to the collective emotions of humanity. In this way, the Path of Aquarius-Leo into the service of Earth applies to all our lives; our future is in our loving hands.

More to come next month.

Published by Lisa White

I am a former elementary school teacher, self-avowed word nerd, student of esoteric philosophy, energy medicine practitioner, questioner, wonderer, and lover of early-morning walks.

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