Remember on the television series Ghost Whisperer how the ghost at the beginning of the episode had to confront a left-undone-big-life lesson? And remember how disheveled or negative or dazed, or all of these, this individual would be? Before moving into “The Light” at the end of the hour, a lot of self-awareness plus a big heap of forgiveness for self and others always had to be realized.

This start of the show is a striking example of what our energy is like when we do not correctly recognize what we need to heal and release; we, like the ghost, can be walking around in much of the same troubled state. However, as the character opened to the truths that needed to be faced, we got to see a wonderful transformation occur. With each step taken toward that distant, compelling light, a veil lifted allowing for clearer vision, clearer speech, clearer judgment, etc.

There are different ways that I have come to describe this evolution of being, but I think the best so far is: “Confusion to Clarity.” The script writers did a fabulous job of marking this progression with the help of the main character, who acted as a guide. We, of the living, have the same opportunity for growth because we operate on the exact same continuum, with the answers we need rising from within.

We often know about an emotional burden that we’ve been carrying even if it seems unconscious and is buried quite deep. Because the experience has been overwhelmed by fear, we’ve given it an unholy power, which keeps us in our own kind of limbo here on earth. We can only start to free ourselves from its paralyzing grip by acknowledging it and peeling back its layers, one at a time, like in the show.

The biggest hurdle is in the naming of whatever the issue may be, which is a first step on the road to clarity. We may need more than one episode of time to conquer what haunts us, but once out in the open the problem can’t be stuffed back into the proverbial bottle. From this point on, we must continue to be brave while listening to what our Soul is softly saying, its whispers leading us to the truth of living in our own light.

Published by Lisa White

I am a former elementary school teacher, self-avowed word nerd, student of esoteric philosophy, energy medicine practitioner, questioner, wonderer, and lover of early-morning walks.

2 thoughts on “Clarity…

  1. How true, if only we were open to lay our ghosts to rest. Everyone of your posts hit home for me.
    Thank you Lisa


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